Berliner Oberseminar Nichtlineare partielle Differentialgleichungen

Priv.-Doz. Dr. A. Glitzky (WIAS)
Prof. Dr. A. Mielke (WIAS, HUB)
Prof. Dr. M. Thomas (WIAS, FUB)
Prof. Dr. B. Zwicknagl (HUB)

Time and location
Wednesday, 2:15 p.m., WIAS, Erhard-Schmidt lecture room

6.9.2023 Colloquium in honour of Prof. Dr. Alexander Mielke Colloquium program
2.00 p.m.
Prof. Dr. Dorothee Knees (U Kassel) Regularity results for a static relaxed micromorphic model (abstract)
3.15 p.m.
PD Dr. Reinhard Scholz (Leibniz-Institut für Polymer-Forschung Dresden) Simulation amphiphiler Polymernetzwerke (abstract)
18.10.2023 Assist. Prof. Dr. Eris Runa (Gran Sasso Science Institute (GSSI), IT) On the energy driven pattern formation for local/non-local systems (abstract)
25.10.2023 n.n. t.b.a.
1.11.2023 n.n. Honorary Langenbach Seminar on the occasion of Jürgen Sprekels's 75th birthday
8.11.2023 Prof. Dr. Tomáš Roubíček
(Charles University Prague and Inst. of Thermomechanics, Czech Acad. Sci.)
15.11.2023 PD Dr. Lutz Recke (HUB) A common approach to singular perturbation and homogenization (abstract)
22.11.2023 no seminar Workshop Dynamics in Coupled Network Systems
29.11.2023 no seminar MARDI Annual Meeting
6.12.2023 n.n. t.b.a.
13.12.2023 n.n. t.b.a.
20.12.2023 n.n. t.b.a.
10.1.2024 n.n. t.b.a.
17.1.2024 n.n. t.b.a.
24.1.2024 n.n. t.b.a.
31.1.2024 no seminar Workshop DYCOMNET
7.2.2024 n.n. t.b.a.
14.2.2024 n.n. t.b.a.



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