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2024    top

14.2.2024 Assoc. Prof. Dr. Kateryna Buryachenko (HUB, Donetsk University, Ukraine) Regularity problems for anisotropic models (abstract)
7.2.2024 Dr. Antonio Tribuzio (Institute for Applied Mathematics, University of Bonn) Scaling laws for multi-well nucleation problems (abstract)
24.1.2024 Anastasija Pešić (HUB) Variational models for pattern formation in biomembranes (abstract)
17.1.2024 Dr. Michael O'Donovan (WIAS) Localization landscape theory: An overview and outlook (abstract)
10.1.2024 PD Dr. Isabelle Schneider (FUB) Symmetry groupoids of dynamical systems (abstract)

2023    top

20.12.2023 Georg Heinze (WIAS) Graph-based nonlocal gradient flows and their local limits (abstract)
15.11.2023 PD Dr. Lutz Recke (HUB) A common approach to singular perturbation and homogenization (abstract)
8.11.2023 Prof. Dr. Tomáš Roubíček
(Charles University Prague and Inst. of Thermomechanics, Czech Acad. Sci.)
Some gradient theories in linear visco-elastodynamics towards dispersion and attenuation of waves in relation to large-strain models (abstract)
10.00 a.m.
Prof. Dr. Hannes Meinlschmidt (FAU Erlangen-Nürnberg) Renormalized solutions for optimal control of the drift in Fokker-Planck equations
3.15 p.m.
Prof. Dr. Fredi Tröltzsch (TU Berlin) Honorary Langenbach Seminar on the occasion of Jürgen Sprekels's 75th birthday (flyer) :
Optimal control of partial differential equations - selected results and recent trends (abstract)
3.15 p.m.
PD Dr. Reinhard Scholz (Leibniz-Institut für Polymer-Forschung Dresden) Simulation amphiphiler Polymernetzwerke (abstract)
2.00 p.m.
Prof. Dr. Dorothee Knees (U Kassel) Regularity results for a static relaxed micromorphic model (abstract)
19.7.2023 Dr. Katharina Hopf (WIAS) Structure, dynamics, and approximation of cross-diffusive mixtures with incomplete diffusion (abstract)
12.7.2023 Dr. David Padilla-Garza (TU Dresden) Mathematical challenges and developments in the nonlinear bending theory for plates (abstract)
7.7.2023 10:00 Uhr Prof. Dr. Edriss S. Titi (University of Cambridge, Texas A&M University and Weizmann Institute of Science) The inviscid primitive equations and the effect of fast rotation (abstract)
28.6.2023 15:15 Uhr Dr. Peter Lewintan (University of Duisburg-Essen) Optimal Korn-Maxwell-Sobolev inequalities (abstract)
28.6.2023 14:00 Uhr Dr. Peter Gladbach (Institute for Applied Mathematics, University Bonn) Homogenization and mean-field limits of transport costs (abstract)
14.6.2023 Assoc. Prof. Dr. Ana Leonor Silvestre (Instituto Superior Técnico, Universidade de Lisboa, Portugal) Optimal boundary control for the steady Navier-Stokes equations with directional do-nothing boundary conditions (abstract)
24.5.2023 15:15 Uhr Prof. Dr. Pavel Krejči (Czech Technical University in Prague, Faculty of Civil Engineering) Degenerate hysteresis in partially saturated porous media (abstract)
24.5.2023 14:00 Uhr Dr. Abramo Agosti (Università Pavia, Italy) A Cahn--Hilliard phase field model coupled to viscoelasticity at large strains (abstract)
17.5.2023 Willem van Oosterhout (WIAS) Analysis of poro-visco-elastic solids at finite strains (abstract)
3.5.2023 PD Dr. Matthias Liero (WIAS) Geodesic convexity in the Hellinger-Kantorovich space
26.4.2023 Prof. Dr. Pierluigi Colli (Università Pavia, Italy) The Cahn--Hilliard--Oono system with control in the mass term (abstract)
19.4.2023 15:15 Uhr Leon Schütz (WIAS) An existence theory for solitary waves on a ferrofluid jet (abstract)
19.4.2023 14:00 Uhr Dr. Daniel Hauer (University of Sydney, Australia) The fundamental gap conjecture (abstract)
22.2.2023 Prof. Dr. Tom ter Elst (Department of Mathematics, University of Auckland, New Zealand) Kato's inequality and degenerate elliptic operators (abstract)
15.2.2023 Prof. Dr. Claude Le Bris (École des Ponts ParisTech (ENPC) & INRIA, Paris, France) (Math+ Distinguished visiting Scholar) Defects in homogenization theory and related computational issues (abstract)
8.2.2023 Jun. Prof. Dr. Patrick Tolksdorf (Gutenberg Universität Mainz) Lp-extrapolation of the generalized Stokes operator (abstract)
1.2.2023 Assoc. Prof. Dr. Tamara Fastovska (Karazin Kharkiv National University, Ukraine, HUB) Asymptotic behaviour of solutions to transmission problems for elastic beams (abstract)
18.1.2023 Dr. Florian Oschmann (Institute of Mathematics, Czech Academy of Sciences, Prague) Stratified fluids: On pancakes and non-local temperatures (abstract)
11.1.2023 Ass. Prof. Dr. Oliver Tse (TU Eindhoven) Scharfetter-Gummel for aggregation-diffusion equations: Gradient structures and their limits (abstract)

2022    top

30.11.2022 Prof. Dr. Tomáš Roubíček
(Charles University Prague and Inst. of Thermomechanics, Czech Acad. Sci.)
Magnetism in the planet Earth and its mathematical modelling (abstract)
23.11.2022 Dr. Richard Schubert (Hausdorff Center for Mathematics, U. Bonn) A variational approach to data-driven problems in fluid mechanics (abstract)
17.11.2022 Donnerstag 9:30 Uhr!!! Tim Böhnlein (TU Darmstadt) On necessary and sufficient conditions for Gaussian estimates of elliptic operators subject to mixed boundary conditions (abstract)
16.11.2022 Prof. Dr. Moritz Egert (TU Darmstadt) Four critical numbers for elliptic systems with block structure (abstract)
9.11.2022 kein Seminar Annual Meeting of MaRDI
2.11.2022 Prof. Dr. Alexander Mielke (WIAS, HUB) On time-splitting methods for gradient flows with two dissipation mechanisms (abstract)
26.10.2022 Dr. Kerrek Stinson (Hausdorff Center for Mathematics, U. Bonn) A gradient flow perspective for weak solutions of the Mullins--Sekerka flow and an application to lithium-ion batteries (abstract)
11.10.2022 Dienstag !!! Prof. Dr. Anja Schlömerkemper (Universität Würzburg) A discussion of two models extending the Cahn-Hilliard equation to a temperature-dependent setting (abstract)
Dr. Nikita Simonov (LaMMe-Universitè d'Évry Val d'Essone, France) Fast diffusion equations, tails and convergence rates (abstract)
Stefanie Schindler (WIAS) Entropy method for a coupled reaction-diffusion system on the real line (abstract)
Dr. Robert Lasarzik (WIAS) Energy-variational solutions and their approximation (abstract)
Melanie Koser (HU Berlin) Pattern formation in certain frustrated spin systems
Dr. Joachim Rehberg (WIAS) On non-autonomous and quasilinear parabolic systems
PD Dr. Maria Neuss-Radu (Friedrich-Alexander-Universität Erlangen-Nürnberg) Effective models for nonlinear drift-diffusion of multiple species in porous media (abstract)
Dr. Oğul Esen (Gebze Technical University, Turkey) On geometry of Vlasov plasma (abstract)
Dr. Michael Kniely (WIAS) From energy- to electro-energy-reaction-diffusion systems (abstract)
16.2.2022 Dr. Petr Pelech (WIAS) Penrose-Fife model with activated phase transformation - Existence and effective model for slow-loading regimes
2.2.2022 Dr. Upanshu Sharma (FU Berlin) Variational structures beyond gradient flows (abstract)
26.1.2022 Prof. Dr. Alexander Mielke (WIAS, HUB) On two coupled degenerate parabolic equations motivated by thermodynamics
12.1.2022 Ass. Prof. Dr. Sebastian Schwarzacher (Charles University Prague, Czech Republic) A variational approach to fluid-structure interactions (abstract)

2021    top

15.12.2021 Jun.-Prof. Dr. Lara Trussardi (Universität Konstanz) Two structure-preserving time discretizations for gradient flow. An application to GENERIC systems (abstract)
8.12.2021 Dr. Joachim Rehberg (WIAS) Some new insights in second order divergence operators
1.12.2021 Lukas Wessels (TU Berlin) Pontryagin's maximum principle for SPDEs and its relation to dynamic programming (abstract)
24.11.2021 Prof. Dr. Tomáš Roubíček
(Charles University Prague, Czech Republic)
Visco-plastic elastodynamics at large deformations by Eulerian approaches (abstract)
17.11.2021 Prof. Dr. André Schlichting (WWU Münster) Dynamic behavior of growth processes: Phase separation, self-similarity, and oscillations (abstract)
10.11.2021 Dr. Petr Vágner (WIAS) GENERIC, geometry and continuum electro-thermodynamics
27.10.2021 Dr. Matthias Liero (WIAS) Electrothermal drift-diffusion models for organic semiconductor devices
20.10.2021 Willem van Oosterhout (WIAS) Longtime dynamics of a non-autonomous Chafee-Infante equation (abstract)
14.7.2021 Dr. Xin Liu (WIAS) online Well-posedness of Hibler's dynamical sea-ice model (abstract)
7.7.2021 Dr. Klaas Hendrik Poelstra (TU Dortmund) online Dimension reduction for elastoplastic rods and homogenization of elastoplastic lattices (abstract)
30.6.2021 Stefanie Schindler (WIAS) online Self-similar diffusive equilibration for a coupled reaction-diffusion system with mass-action kinetics (abstract)
23.6.2021 Prof. Dr. Martin Brokate (TU München, WIAS) online A variational inequality for the derivative of the play operator
9.6.2021 Ass. Prof. Dr. Julian Fischer (IST Austria Klosterneuburg) online Uniqueness and stability properties of multiphase mean curvature flow: An approach based on the variational (gradient flow) structure of the problem (abstract)
26.5.2021 Ass. Prof. Dr. Riccarda Rossi (University of Brescia, Italy) online Jump processes as generalized gradient systems (abstract)
19.5.2021 Prof. Dr. Alexander Mielke (WIAS, HUB) online Towards a justification of GENERIC: coarse-graining of an infinite-dimensional Hamiltonian system
12.5.2021 Dr. Thomas Eiter (WIAS) online Leray--Hopf solutions to a viscoelastic fluid model with nonsmooth stress-strain relation (abstract)
28.4.2021 Dr. Katharina Hopf (WIAS) online Weak-strong uniqueness in energy-reaction-diffusion systems (abstract)
21.4.2021 Dr. Nikolas Nüsken (Universität Potsdam) online The Stein geometry in machine learning: gradient flows, large deviations and convergence properties (abstract)
14.4.2021 Dr. Flaviana Iurlano (Sorbonne Université Paris, France) online Shape optimization of light structures (abstract)
17.2.2021 Prof. Dr. Giovanni P. Galdi (University of Pittsburgh, US) online On the self-propelled motion of a rigid body in a viscous liquid by time-periodic boundary data (abstract)
3.2.2021 Dr. Petr Pelech (WIAS) online Separately global solutions to rate-independent systems - Applications to large-strain deformations of damageable solids (abstract)
27.1.2021 Dr. Sebastian Throm (Universität Münster) online Universal long-time asymptotics for coagulation equations (abstract)
13.1.2021 Anieza Maltsi (WIAS) online On the Darwin-Howie-Whelan equations for the scattering of fast electrons described by the Schrödinger equation (abstract)

2020    top

9.12.2020 Dr. Grigor Nika (WIAS) online Effective bulk-surface thermistor models for OLEDs (abstract)
25.11.2020 Dr. Annika Bach (TU München) online Geometrically frustrated spin systems: The antiferromagnetic XY model on the triangular lattice (abstract)
18.11.2020 Dr. Janusz Ginster (HU Berlin) online On the motion of curved dislocations in three dimensions: Simplified linearized elasticity (abstract)
11.11.2020 Prof. Dr. Tomáš Roubíček
(Charles University Prague, Czech Republic) online
The old Stefan problem in a new mechanical context (abstract)
24.6.2020 Thomas Eiter (WIAS) online Spatially asymptotic structure of time-periodic Navier-Stokes flows
27.5.2020 Dr. Martin Heida (WIAS) online Stochastic homogenization on randomly perforated domains (abstract)
6.5.2020 Prof. Dr. Boris Zaltzman (Ben-Gurion University of the Negev, Israel) online Equilibrium electro-convective instability in electrodeposition with Butler--Volmer kinetics (abstract)
29.4.2020 Prof. Dr. Boris Zaltzman (Ben-Gurion University of the Negev, Israel) online Orientation effects in hydrodynamic instability in concentration polarization (abstract)
22.4.2020 Prof. Dr. Boris Zaltzman (Ben-Gurion University of the Negev, Israel) online Artifact of ''Breakthrough'' osmosis or what may be wrong with local Spiegler--Kedem--Katchalsky equations with constant coefficients (abstract)
12.2.2020 Prof. Dr. Fredi Tröltzsch (TU Berlin) Optimal and feedback control of some reaction-diffusion equations (abstract)
5.2.2020 Dr. Riccardo Cristoferi (Heriot-Watt University, Edinburgh) Epitaxial crystal growth with adatoms (abstract)
22.1.2020 Dr. Joachim Rehberg (WIAS) The numerical range of Dirichlet forms
8.1.2020 Dr. Michiel Renger (WIAS) Fast reaction limits via Γ-convergence of the flux rate functional (abstract)

2019    top

18.12.2019 Prof. Dr. Jürgen Sprekels (WIAS, HU Berlin) Optimal control of a Cahn--Hilliard--Darcy system with mass source modeling tumor growth
11.12.2019 Laura Lauerbach (Universität Würzburg) Fracture and stochastic homogenization in the passage from discrete to continuous systems (abstract)
27.11.2019 Prof. Dr. Tomáš Roubíček
(Charles University Prague, Czech Republic)
Fully convective models of some processes in the Earth (abstract)
14:00 Uhr
Prof. Dr. Johannes Zimmer (University of Bath, UK) Regularisation and analysis of Dean-Kawasaki-type equations (abstract)
20.11.2019 Prof. Dr. Tom ter Elst (Department of Mathematics, University of Auckland, New Zealand) The Dirichlet-to-Neumann operator on C1+κ domains (abstract)
13.11.2019 Dr. Michael Kniely
(IST, Austria)
On the large-time behavior of a class of semiconductor equations (abstract)
30.10.2019 Dr. Katharina Hopf (WIAS) On the singularity formation and relaxation to equilibrium in 1D Fokker-Planck model with superlinear drift
14:00 Uhr
Prof. Dr. Ansgar Jüngel (TU Wien) Cross-diffusion systems: from spin semiconductors to biological populations with stochastic forcing (abstract)
16.10.2019 Dr. Joachim Rehberg (WIAS) Explicit and uniform estimates for second order divergence operators on Lp spaces
10.7.2019 Artur Stephan (WIAS) On EDP-convergence for linear reaction-diffusion systems with different time scales
3.7.2019 Dr. Pierre-Étienne Druet (WIAS) Weak solution analysis for incompressible multicomponent flow models
R. 3.13
Associate Prof. Dr. Jens Gravesen (DTU Copenhagen, Denmark) Differential geometry and dimension reduction for nano structures
19.6.2019 Dr. Janusz Ginster (TU Berlin) Plasticity as the Γ-limit of models for straight, parallel dislocations (abstract)
12.6.2019 Francesco Della Porta (MPI Leipzig) The nonlocal Cahn-Hilliard-Hele-Shaw system with regular and singular potential (abstract)
5.6.2019 Dr. Patrick Tolksdorf (Université Paris-Est, France) On the Lp-theory for second-order elliptic operators in divergence form with complex coefficients, Part 2
29.5.2019 Dr. Patrick Tolksdorf (Université Paris-Est, France) On the Lp-theory for second-order elliptic operators in divergence form with complex coefficients, Part 1
22.5.2019 Prof. Dr. Pierluigi Colli (Università di Pavia, Italy) Well-posedness, regularity and asymptotic analysis for a fractional phase field system
15.5.2019 Prof. Dr. Robert Eisenberg (Rush University Chicago, USA) Ionic selectivity in channels: complex biology created by the balance of simple physical forces (abstract)
8.5.2019 Dr. Amal Alphonse (WIAS) Well-posedness for a coupled bulk-surface system on a moving domain modelling ligand-receptor dynamics (abstract)
24.4.2019 Dr. Dirk Peschka (WIAS) Modeling, simulation, and experiments for flows of concentrated suspensions
17.4.2019 Dr. Grigor Nika (WIAS) Multiscale modelling of magnetorheological suspensions
13.2.2019 Prof. Dr. Alexander Mielke (WIAS, HUB) On similarity solutions for Kolmogorov's two-equation model for turbulence
6.2.2019 Dr. Serhiy Yanchuk (TU Berlin) Temporal dissipative solitons in delay feedback systems
30.1.2019 Prof. Dr. Barbara Zwicknagl (TU Berlin) On variational models for (almost) stress-free martensitic inclusions
16.1.2019 Dr. Joachim Rehberg (WIAS) An extrapolation of the Lax--Milgram isomorphism for second order divergence operators
9.1.2019 Prof. Dr. Peter Friz (TU Berlin, WIAS) On differential equations with singular forcing (abstract)

2018    top

12.12.2018 Dr. Joachim Rehberg (WIAS) L bounds for the Neumann problem
28.11.2018 Dr. Pierre-Étienne Druet (WIAS) Analysis of mass transfer, Navier-Stokes equations for multicomponent fluids subject to a volume constraint
14.11.2018 Dr. Hannes Meinlschmidt (RICAM Linz, Austria) Maximal regularity in optimal control for quasilinear parabolic evolution equations
7.11.2018 Thomas Frenzel (WIAS) Membrane limit for porous medium equation in weighted Wasserstein space
24.10.2018 Prof. Dr. Dan Tiba (Institute of Mathematics, Romanian Academy, Bucharest, Romania) Implicit parametrizations and applications in optimization and control
24.10.2018 Prof. Dr. Pierluigi Colli (Università Pavia, Italy) Shape memory alloys, phase-field models, Cahn--Hilliard systems
17.10.2018 Artur Stephan (WIAS) On reaction systems with different time scales
11.7.2018 Dr. Martin Heida (WIAS) Dynamic and hysteretic boundary conditions for the Mullins--Sekerka equation
4.7.2018 Dr. Jan Mankau (TU Dresden) A descent step algorithm based on generalized gradients on sets (abstract)
27.6.2018 Prof. Dr. Leonid Berlyand (Penn State University, USA) Free boundary PDE models of active gels (abstract)
13.6.2018 Markus Mittnenzweig (WIAS) Hydrodynamic limit and large deviations for reaction--diffusion master equations
Prof. Dr. Dorothee Knees (University of Kassel) Rate-independent processes with time-discontinuous data (abstract)
16 Uhr
Dr. Seungchan Ko (University of Oxford, UK) Analysis and approximation of incompressible chemically reacting non-Newtonian fluids (abstract)
30.5.2018 Prof. Dr. José Francisco Rodrigues (University of Lisbon, Portugal) Evolutionary quasi-variational and variational inequalities with constraints on the derivatives (abstract)
23.5.2018 Prof. Dr. Pierluigi Colli (Università Pavia, Italy) A Cahn--Hilliard system with convection and dynamic boundary conditions: well-posedness and optimal velocity control
16.5.2018 Prof. Dr. Alexander Mielke (WIAS, HUB) Finding limiting dissipative potentials via EDP convergence (abstract)
9.5.2018 Prof. Dr. Ansgar Jüngel (TU Wien) Cross-diffusion systems with entropy structure (abstract)
18.4.2018 Mario Varga (TU Dresden) Stochastic unfolding and homogenization
28.2.2018 Dr. Moritz Egert (Laboratoire de Mathématiques,
Université de Paris-Sud)
How half-order time derivatives help us to better understand parabolic equations (abstract)
14 Uhr
Sebastian Bechtel (TU Darmstadt) Quantitative estimates for parabolic operators in Lq(]0,T[;X)
21.2.2018 Dr. Marco Morandotti (TU München) Dimension reduction in the context of structured deformations (abstract)
14.2.2018 Prof. Dr. Wolfgang Dreyer (WIAS) Modeling of non-Newtonian fluids without material frame indifference (abstract)
31.1.2018 Dr. Alexander Linke (WIAS) On the role of the Helmholtz-Leray projector for a novel pressure-robust discretization theory for the incompressible Navier-Stokes equations (abstract)
24.1.2018 Dr. Hagen Neidhardt (WIAS) On the spectral shift function: recent results
17.1.2018 Prof. Dr. Jürgen Sprekels (WIAS, HU Berlin) Cahn--Hilliard systems with general fractional-order operators

2017    top

13.12.2017 Dr. Joachim Rehberg (WIAS) On maximal parabolic regularity for non-autonomous parabolic operators, Part 2
6.12.2017 Dr. Joachim Rehberg (WIAS) On maximal parabolic regularity for non-autonomous parabolic operators, Part 1
29.11.2017 PD Dr. Pavel Gurevich (FU Berlin) Rattling in hysteretic reaction-diffusion systems
8.11.2017 Dr. Robert Lasarzik (TU Berlin) Generalised solutions to the Ericksen--Leslie model describing liquid crystal flow
1.11.2017 Prof. Dr. Tomáš Roubíček
(Charles University Prague, Czech Republic)
Seismic waves and earthquakes in a global monolithic model
25.10.2017 Dr. Joachim Rehberg (WIAS) Explicit and uniform resolvent estimates for second order divergence operators on Lp spaces
Prof. Dr. Dongho Chae (Chung-Ang University, Seoul, Korea) On the blow-up problem for the incompressible Euler equations (abstract)
12.7.2017 Prof. Dr. Rodica Toader (University of Udine, Italy) Existence for dynamic Griffith fracture with a weak maximal dissipation condition (abstract)
21.6.2017 Prof. Dr. Jan Prüß (Universität Halle-Wittenberg) Critical spaces for quasilinear evolution equations and applications
7.6.2017 Raum 406 Thomas Frenzel (WIAS) EDP-convergence for a wiggly energy model
24.5.2017 Dr. Michiel Renger (WIAS) Functions of bounded variation with Banach codomains
17.5.2017 Dr. Riccarda Rossi (University of Brescia, Italy) In Between Energetic and Balanced Viscosity solutions of rate-independent systems: the Visco-Energetic concept, with some applications to solid mechanics (abstract)
10.5.2017 Dr. Marion Dziwnik (WIAS) The role of degenerate mobilities in Cahn-Hilliard models
3.5.2017 Dr. Martin Heida (WIAS) Convergence of the square-root approximation scheme to the Fokker-Planck equation
26.4.2017 Dr. Dirk Peschka (WIAS) Motion of thin droplets over surfaces - numerical and modeling techniques for moving contact lines
19.4.2017 Prof. Dr. Christian Kuehn (TU München) Regularity structures and fractional diffusion
29.3.2017 Prof. Dr. Michael Demuth (TU Clausthal) On eigenvalues of non-selfadjoint operators: A comparison of two approaches
1.3.2017, Raum 406 Prof. Dr. Pierluigi Colli (Università Pavia, Italy) About a non-smooth regularization of a forward-backward parabolic equation (abstract)
15.2.2017 Dr. Rüdiger Müller (WIAS) Numerical analysis of coupled bulk-surface equations (abstract)
8.2.2017 Prof. Dr. Jürgen Sprekels (WIAS, HU Berlin) A new identification problem: optimizing the fractional order in a nonlocal evolution equation
1.2.2017 Dr. André Hänel (Leibniz Universität Hannover) Spectral asymptotics for mixed problems and for crack problems on infinite cylinders (abstract)
25.1.2017 PD Dr. Olaf Klein (WIAS) Uncertainty quantification for hysteresis operators and for a model for magneto-mechanical components
18.1.2017 Dr. Hanne Hardering (TU Dresden) Gradient flows in Riemannian manifolds space discretization by geodesic finite elements (abstract)
11.1.2017 PD Dr. Lutz Recke (HU Berlin) Corrector estimates for singularly perturbed boundary value problems with nonsmooth data

2016    top

14.12.2016 Dr. Georgy Kitavtsev (University of Bristol, UK) Liquid crystal defects in the Landau-de Gennes theory in 2D-beyond the one-constant approximation (abstract)
7.12.2016 Dr. Vaios Laschos (WIAS) From differential equations to gradient flows on metric spaces and back
30.11.2016 Dr. Sina Reichelt (WIAS) Corrector estimates for coupled reaction-diffusion equations
23.11.2016 Prof. Dr. Tomáš Roubíček (Charles University Prague, Czech Republic) Thermodynamics of magneto- and poro-elastic materials at large strains (abstract)
2.11.2016 Markus Mittnenzweig (WIAS) An entropic gradient structure for noncommutative Lindblad equations
26.10.2016 Prof. Dr. Alexander Mielke (WIAS, HU Berlin) Global entropy entropy-production estimates for energy-reaction-diffusion systems
19.10.2016 Dr. Karoline Disser (WIAS) Global existence and uniqueness for some dissipative systems with bulk-interface interaction
14.9.2016, Raum 406 Prof. Dr. Jin Feng (University of Kansas, USA) Hamilton-Jacobi PDEs in the space of probability measures, the metric nature explored (abstract)
13.7.2016 Hannes Meinlschmidt (TU Darmstadt) The Keller-Segel model is well-posed
6.7.2016 Prof. Dr. Leonid Pestov (Immanuel Kant Baltic Federal University Königsberg/Kaliningrad) On determining an absorption coefficient and a speed of sound in the wave equation by the boundary control method (abstract)
29.6.2016 Dr. Pierre-Etienne Druet (WIAS) Existence of weak solutions for improved Nernst--Planck--Poisson models of compressible reacting electrolytes
22.6.2016 Prof. Dr. Leonid Kunyansky (University of Arizona, USA) Inversion of the spherical means transform by reduction to the classical Radon transform (abstract)
8.6.2016 Dr. Sergiy Nesenenko (TU Berlin) A Fintzpatrick function approach in the homogenization of elasto-viscoplastic models with isotropic hardening effects
1.6.2016 Dr. Martin Heida (WIAS) Stochastic homogenization of rate-independent systems
18.5.2016 Artur Stephan (HU Berlin) On operator-norm estimates for approximations of solutions of evolution equations using the Trotter product formula
4.5.2016 Dr. Joaquim Serra (WIAS) Nonlocal obstacle problems: regularity of the solutions and the free boundaries (abstract)
27.4.2016 Prof. Dr. Carlo Sinestrari (University of Rome ''Tor Vergata'') Evolution of convex hypersurfaces by curvature flows (abstract)
14:00 Uhr
Dr. Blaz Mramor (Albert-Ludwigs-Universität Freiburg) Minimisers of the Allen-Cahn equation on hyperbolic graphs (abstract)
13.4.2016 Prof. Dr. Pavel Krejči (Czech Academy of Sciences, Prague) Contact of elasto-plastic bodies (abstract)
6.4.2016 Prof. Dr. Mark M. Malamud (Donetsk National University, Ukraine) Scattering matrix and Dirichlet-to-Neumann maps (abstract)
10.2.2016 Dr. Joachim Rehberg (WIAS) Extrapolation of maximal parabolic regularity for non-autonomous parabolic equations
3.2.2016 Dr. Eleonora Cinti (WIAS) The isoperimetric problem in ℝn with density (abstract)
20.1.2016 Dr. Christian Seis (Hausdorff Center for Mathematics, Universität Bonn) A quantitative theory for transport equations (abstract)
13.1.2016 Hannes Meinlschmidt (TU Darmstadt) Hölder estimates for non-autonomous parabolic problems with rough data and applications to quasilinear problems (abstract)
6.1.2016 Dr. Serena Dipierro (Universität Magdeburg) Chaotic orbits for systems of nonlocal equations (abstract)

2015    top

Raum 406
Prof. Dr. Antonius Frederik Maria ter Elst (University of Auckland, New Zealand) The Dirichlet-to-Neumann operator on rough domains (abstract)
25.11.2015 Prof. Dr. Xavier Cabré (ICREA and UPC, Barcelona, Spain) The influence of fractional diffusion in Allen-Cahn and KPP type equations (abstract)
18.11.2015 Upanshu Sharma (Eindhoven University of Technology, The Netherlands) Quantification of coarse-graining error in overdamped/non-overdamped Langevin dynamics (abstract)
Freitag, 14 Uhr (Einladung)
Prof. Dr. Anton Arnold (TU Wien, Österreich) Entropy method for hypocoercive & non-symmetric Fokker-Planck equations with linear drift (invitation/abstract)
15:15 Uhr
Prof. Dr. Elisabetta Rocca (WIAS) Existence of weak solutions and asymptotics for some diffuse interface models of tumor growth
Raum 406
Prof. Dr. Matthias Eller (HU Berlin) Unique continuation and Carleman estimates for linear PDE (abstract)
23.9.2015 Dr. Carolin Kreisbeck (Universität Regensburg) Homogenization of layered materials with rigid components in single-slip finite plasticity (abstract)
16.9.2015 Dr. Emanuele Spadaro (Max-Planck-Institut für Mathematik in den Naturwissenschaften, Leipzig) Lower semicontinuous functionals defined on spaces of multiple-valued maps (abstract)
2.9.2015 Prof. Dr. Jussi Behrndt (Institute of Computational Mathematics, TU Graz, Austria) Selfadjoint realizations of the Laplacian on bounded Lipschitz domains (abstract)
4.8.2015 Dienstag,
14:30 Uhr,
Raum 406
Prof. Dr. Dorothee Knees (Universität Kassel) Global spatial regularity for elasticity models with nonsmooth constraints (abstract)
4.8.2015 Dienstag,
13:30 Uhr,
Raum 406
Prof. Dr. Chiara Zanini (Politecnico di Torino, Italy) Viscous and rate-independent damage models in non-smooth domains (abstract)
15.7.2015 Dr. Thanh Nam Nguyen (Laboratoire de Mathématiques, Université de Paris-Sud, France) Large time behavior for a nonlocal ordinary differential equation - Generation of interface for the mass conserved Allen-Cahn equation
8.7.2015 Dr. Martin Heida (WIAS) Stochastic homogenization of Prandtl-Reuss plasticity (abstract)
24.6.2015 Dr. Carlos Rautenberg (HU Berlin) Analysis and approximation of evolutionary quasi-variational inequalities (abstract)
17.6.2015 Prof. Dr. Valentin A. Zagrebnov (Institut de Mathématiques de Marseille & Département de Mathématiques Université d'Aix-Marseille - Luminy, France) Dynamical semigroups for unbounded repeated harmonic perturbation (abstract)
Raum 406
Dr. Brian Seguin (Department of Mathematics, University of Dundee, UK) Plant cell wall biomechanics: model and multiscale analysis (abstract)
3.6.2015 Dr. Stefania Patrizi (WIAS) Dislocations dynamics: from microscopic models to macroscopic crystal plasticity (abstract)
27.5.2015 Prof. Dr. François Hamel (Université d'Aix-Marseille, Institut de Mathématiques, France) Transition fronts for monostable reaction-diffusion equations (abstract)
13.5.2015 Dr. Joachim Rehberg (WIAS) On optimal elliptic Sobolev regularity
6.5.2015 Dr. Riccardo Scala (WIAS) A weak formulation for a dynamic process in delamination with unilateral constraints (abstract)
29.4.2015 Prof. Dr. Tomáš Roubíček (Charles University Prague, Czech Republic) Damage with plasticity at small strains - an overview of various models (abstract)
22.4.2015 Prof. Dr. Mark M. Malamud (Donetsk National University, Ukraine) Spectral shift functions for pairs of non-selfadjointness operators (abstract)
15.4.2015 Dr. Serhiy Yanchuk (WIAS) Amplitude equations for chains of coupled oscillators
4.3.2015 Prof. Dr. Maria Specovius-Neugebauer (Universität Kassel) How do cracks propagate? Some ideas related to the energy criterion (abstract)
11.2.2015 Moritz Egert (TU Darmstadt) On Kato's square root problem
4.2.2015 Prof. Dr. Jürgen Sprekels (WIAS, HU Berlin) Optimal boundary control problems for Cahn--Hilliard systems with singular potentials and dynamic boundary conditions
21.1.2015 Dr. Jens Griepentrog On the positivity and the long-time behavior of solutions to discrete-time evolution systems of nonlocally interacting particles
14.1.2015 Dr. Nella Rotundo (WIAS) Diffusive limit of a MEP hydrodynamical model obtained from the Bloch-Boltzmann-Peierls equations for semiconductors
8.1.2015 Donnerstag
14:15 Uhr
Prof. Dr. Sylvia Serfaty (Université Pierre et Marie Curie Paris 6, France) Crystallization questions for large systems with Coulomb and Riesz interactions (abstract)

2014    top

10.12.2014 Prof. Dr. Joachim Naumann (HU Berlin) On the existence of weak solutions to Prandtl's (1945) one-equation model of turbulence (abstract)
3.12.2014 Dr. Matthias Liero (WIAS) On the geometry of reaction-diffusion -- The Hellinger-Kantorovich distance
19.11.2014 Dr. Pham Chi Vinh (Hanoi University of Science, Vietnam, IMU Berlin Einstein Foundation Program) Homogenization of very rough interfaces
12.11.2014 Prof. Dr. Alexander Mielke (WIAS, HU Berlin) On the microscopic origin of generalized gradient structures
5.11.2014 Dr. Julian Fischer (MPI für Mathematik in den Naturwissenschaften, Leipzig) Global existence of renormalized solutions to entropy-dissipating reaction-diffusion systems (abstract)
15.10.2014 Prof. Dr. Valentin A. Zagrebnov (Département de Mathématiques, Université Aix-Marseille II, France) How the spectral theory explains two critical points of Bose condensation (abstract)
8.10.2014 Prof. Dr. Ulisse Stefanelli (Universität Wien) Carbon geometries as optimal configurations (abstract)
24.9.2014 Jonathan Zinsl (TU München) Transport distances and geodesic convexity for systems of degenerate diffusion equations (abstract)
Prof. Dr. Hiroshi Matano (Department of Mathematics, University of Tokyo, Japan) Propagating terrace for semilinear diffusion equations (abstract)
14:00 Uhr
Prof. Dr. Dirk Horstmann (Universität Köln) Anmerkungen zu einer Klasse von Reaktions-Diffusionsmodellen mit Kreuzdiffusion und ihren Lyapunov-Funktionalen
9.7.2014 Dr. Patrick Dondl (Durham University, UK) Energy estimates, relaxation, and existence for strain gradient plasticity with cross hardening (abstract)
2.7.2014 Dr. Karoline Disser (WIAS) Asymptotic behaviour of a rigid body with a cavity filled by a viscous liquid
15:15 Uhr
Prof. Dr. Michael Demuth (TU Clausthal) On the distribution of eigenvalues for non-selfadjoint operators
14:00 Uhr
Dr. Jan Haskovec (King Abdullah University of Science and Technology KAUST, Saudi Arabia) Mathematical analysis of a system for biological network formation (abstract)
11.6.2014 Dr. Kersten Schmidt (TU Berlin) Symmetric local absorbing boundary conditions for the Helmholtz equation (abstract)
28.5.2014 Dr. Carolin Kreisbeck (WIAS) Thin-film limits of functionals on A-free vector fields (abstract)
30.4.2014 Prof. Dr. Max von Renesse (Mathematisches Institut der Universität Leipzig) A Brownian motion on the Wasserstein space (abstract)
23.4.2014 Prof. Dr. Joachim Naumann (HU Berlin) On the existence of weak solutions to Kolmogorov's two-equation model of turbulence
16.4.2014 Prof. Dr. Mark M. Malamud (Donetsk National University, Ukraine) One-dimensional Schrödinger operators with δ'-interactions on Cantor-type sets (abstract)
26.3.2014 Dr. Riccarda Rossi (University of Brescia, Italy) Singular perturbations of infinite-dimensional gradient flows (abstract)
12.2.2014 Prof. Dr. Tomáš Roubíček (Charles University Prague, Czech Republic) Global versus local minimization in rate-independent evolution systems (abstract)
5.2.2014 Prof. Dr. Etienne Emmrich (TU Berlin) Nonlinear evolution equations of second order with damping: existence and discretization (abstract)
22.1.2014 PD Dr. Martin Väth (FU Berlin) Instability for a reaction-diffusion system with obstacles (abstract)
15.1.2014 Dr. Joachim Rehberg (WIAS) Sobolev extension, Interpolation and Hardy's inequality
8.1.2014 PD Dr. Lutz Recke (HU Berlin) Solution regularity and smooth dependence for abstract equations and applications to PDEs

2013    top

4.12.2013 Stefania Patrizi (WIAS) Homogenization of the Peierls-Nabarro model for dislocation dynamics (abstract)
27.11.2013 Prof. Dr. Hao Wu (Fudan University, Shanghai) Well-posedness and stability of the Ericksen-Leslie system for incompressible nematic liquid crystal flow (abstract)
20.11.2013 Prof. Dr. Mark Peletier (TU Eindhoven, Netherlands) Upscaling dislocations in two dimensions
16.10.2013 Prof. Dr. Danielle Hilhorst (Laboratoire de Mathématiques, Université de Paris-Sud) A fast precipitation and dissolution limit for a reaction-diffusion system arising in porous medium (abstract)
25.9.2013 Dr. Doan Duy Hai (WIAS) Additive methods for semi-discretized biological models (abstract)
14.8.2013 Prof. Dr. Tom ter Elst (Department of Mathematics, University of Auckland, New Zealand) Diffusion determines the manifold (abstract)
10.7.2013 Prof. Dr. Jin Feng (Department of Mathematics, University of Kansas, USA) A Hamilton-Jacobi equation in space of probability measures, in connection with the Onsager-Joyce-Montegomery theory (abstract)

Dr. Riccarda Rossi (University of Brescia, Italy) A vanishing viscosity approach to a rate-independent model for damage
3.7.2013 Prof. Dr. Alexander Mielke (WIAS, HU Berlin) Deriving the Ginzburg-Landau equation as amplitude equation via evolutionary Gamma convergence
26.6.2013 Prof. Dr. Alessio Figalli (University of Texas, Austin, USA) Stability results for sum of sets in Rn
19.6.2013 Dr. Stefan Neukamm (WIAS) Quantitative results in stochastic homogenization
5.6.2013 Prof. Dr. Thierry Gallay (Université Joseph Fourier, Grenoble, France) Distribution of energy and convergence to equilibria in extended dissipative systems (abstract)
29.5.2013 Prof. Dr. Jussi Behrndt (Institute of Computational Mathematics, TU Graz, Austria) Titchmarsh-Weyl theory for elliptic differential operators on unbounded domains (abstract)
14:00 Uhr
Dr. Jan Maas (Institut für Angewandte Mathematik, Universität Bonn) Optimal transport in discrete and non-commutative analysis
24.4.2013 Prof. Dr. Mark M. Malamud (Donetsk National University, Ukraine) On the spectral theory of Dirac operators with point interactions
14:00 Uhr
Prof. Dr. Pierluigi Colli (Università Pavia, Italy) A phase-field model for the Willmore flow with constraints
17.4.2013 Dr. Markus Schmuck (Imperial College London, UK) Homogenized phase-field equations for interfacial dynamics in strongly heterogeneous materials (abstract)
14:00 Uhr
Prof. Dr. Ulisse Stefanelli (IMATI-CNR, Pavia, Italy) Regular tilings via crystallization
20.3.2013 Dr. Martin Meyries (Institut für Mathematik, Martin-Luther-Universität Halle-Wittenberg) Weighted function spaces, Hardy's inequality and a free boundary problem
13.3.2013 Hari Shankar Mahato (Zentrum für Technomathematik, Universität Bremen) Homogenization in W1,p for a highly nonlinear coupled system of reaction-diffusion equations
Dienstag 5.3.2013
Prof. Dr. Tom Bridges (University of Surrey, UK) Reappraisal of 2+ myths in the theory of nonlinear waves
27.2.2013 Dr. Kohei Soga (Waseda University Tokyo, Japan) Numerical analysis of hyperbolic and parabolic PDEs based on the law of large numbers and the central limit theorem
15:15 Uhr
Prof. Dr. Tomáš Roubíček (Charles University Prague, Czech Republic) Thermomechanics of hydrogen storage in metallic hydrides: modeling and analysis
14:00 Uhr
Prof. Dr. Enrico Valdinoci (Università Milano, Italy) A fractional framework for perimeters and phase transitions
15:15 Uhr
Prof. Dr. Jürgen Sprekels (WIAS, HU Berlin) A vanishing diffusion limit in a nonstandard viscous Cahn-Hilliard system
14:00 Uhr
Prof. Dr. Živorad Tomovski (Sts. Cyril and Methodius University, Institute of Mathematics, Skopje, Republic of Macedonia) Generalized Cauchy type problems for linear and nonlinear fractional differential equations with composite fractional derivative operator
23.1.2013 Dr. Johannes Zimmer (University of Bath, Department of Mathematical Sciences) Limit passages from particle models to entropic gradient flows
16.1.2013 Dr. Joachim Rehberg (WIAS) Hardy's inequality for spaces with mixed boundary conditions
9.1.2013 Dr. Pierre-Étienne Druet (WIAS) The heat equation coupled to a geometric, mean curvature type equation

2012    top

5.12.2012 PD Dr. Lutz Recke (HU Berlin) Hopf bifurcation for dissipative hyperbolic PDEs
14.11.2012 Prof. Dr. Alexander Mielke (WIAS, HU Berlin) Global exponential convergence in reaction-diffusion systems
7.11.2012 Dr. Marita Thomas (WIAS) Analytical aspects of rate-independent brittle damage and delamination processes
31.10.2012 Dr. Joachim Rehberg (WIAS) On the transient 3D thermistor problem
14:00 Uhr
Prof. Dr. Matthias Hieber (TU Darmstadt) Nonlinear Parabolic - Hyperbolic Systems
17.10.2012 Dr. Martin Kružík (Institute of Information Theory and Automation, Academy of Sciences, Prague) Variational problems depending on the inverted gradient and applications to nonlinear hyperelasticity
27.6.2012 Prof. Dr. T. Ichinose (Kanazawa University, Japan) On improved Sobolev embedding theorems for vector-valued functions
20.6.2012 Prof. V. A. Zagrebnov (Centre de Physique Théorique, Université Aix-Marseille II, France) Non-equilibrium states of a leaky photon cavity
6.6.2012 Dr. J. Maas (Institut für Angewandte Mathematik, Universität Bonn) Approximating rough stochastic PDEs
30.5.2012 Matthias Liero (WIAS) Gradient structures and geodesic convexity for reaction-diffusion systems
23.5.2012 Prof. Dr. P. Colli (Università Pavia, Italy) Existence of solutions for a hydrogen storage model
16.5.2012 Dr. F. Theil (Mathematics Institute, University of Warwick) Γ-limit for transition paths of maximal probability
18.4.2012 Prof. Dr. U. Stefanelli (IMATI-CNR, Pavia, Italy) The De Giorgi conjecture on elliptic regularization
15.2.2012 Prof. Dr. T. Roubíček (Charles University Prague, Czech Republic) A model of rupturing lithospheric faults with re-occurring earthquakes
1.2.2012 Dr. J. Rehberg (WIAS) Hölder continuity for solutions to mixed boundary value problems
18.1.2012 Lukas Wilhelm (WIAS) A model for a quantum dot LED based on the Jaynes-Cummings Hamiltonian
11.1.2012 PD Dr. L. Recke (HU Berlin) Maximal regularity and smooth dependence for elliptic and hyperbolic PDEs

2011    top

14.12.2011 Dr. R. Haller-Dintelmann (TU Darmstadt) Hardy's inequality for mixed boundary conditions
7.12.2011 Dr. M. Meyries (Institut für Analysis, Universität Karlsruhe) Optimal Sobolev embeddings and interpolation with boundary conditions for a class of weighted function spaces
30.11.2011 Dr. S. Heinz (WIAS) Micro-to-macro transition in elasticity via the quasiconvex hull
16.11.2011 Prof. Dr. J. Naumann (HU Berlin) On Prandtl's turbulence model: existence of weak solutions to the equations of turbulent pipe-flow
2.11.2011 Prof. Dr. P. Krejči (Mathematical Institute of the Academy of Sciences of the Czech Republic, Prague) Remarks on uniqueness in quasilinear parabolic systems
26.10.2011 Dr. K. Götze (WIAS) Strong solutions for the interaction of rigid bodies and viscoelastic fluids
19.10.2011 Prof. Dr. A. Mielke (WIAS, HU Berlin) Geodesic convexity in Markov chains and Fokker-Planck equations
28.9.2011 Prof. Dr. K. Fellner (University of Graz, Austria) Organic Photovoltaic Devices, Drift-Diffusion Systems and Entropy Methods
7.9.2011 Prof. Dr. M. Hirokawa (Okayama University, Japan) Some mathematical problems on modeling in circuit quantum electrodynamics
13.7.2011 Prof. Dr. X. Claeys (ISAE Toulouse, France) Integral formulation of the second kind for multi-subdomain scattering (abstract)
29.6.2011 Prof. Dr. P. A. Markowich (DAMTP, Centre for Mathematical Sciences Cambridge, United Kingdom) Matheon lecture 4:
On PDE models for socio-economic problems: Price formation, opinion formation and crowd modeling
22.6.2011 Prof. Dr. P. A. Markowich (DAMTP, Centre for Mathematical Sciences Cambridge, United Kingdom) Matheon lecture 1:
On Wigner and Bohmian measures I
(Fortsetzung 24.6.2011, 28.6.2011)
15.6.2011 Dr. J. Rehberg (WIAS) Parabolic equations with source terms on hypersurfaces
8.6.2011 Dr. D. Knees (WIAS) A vanishing viscosity approach in damage mechanics
1.6.2011 Dr. K. Schmidt (Institut für Mathematik, TU Berlin) High order transmission conditions for conductive thin sheets
25.5.2011 Dr. R. Rossi (University of Brescia, Italy) A model for adhesive contact with friction
18.5.2011 Dr. M. Meyries (Institut für Analysis, Universität Karlsruhe) Parabolische Probleme mit nichtlinearen Randbedingungen
4.5.2011 Prof. Dr. U. Stefanelli (IMATI-CNR, Pavia, Italy) An invitation to shape flows
27.4.2011 Prof. Dr. A. Mielke (WIAS) Global existence for a Fokker-Planck equation driven by a time-dependent constraint
14:00 Uhr
Dr. J. Rehberg (WIAS) On function spaces which reflect mixed boundary conditions
23.3.2011 Dr. M. G. Rasmussen (Aarhus University, Denmark) Scattering theory for the translation invariant Nelson and polaron models: Asymptotic completeness below the two-boson threshold
23.2.2011 Dr. D. Peschka (WIAS) Self-similar solutions related to thin film rupture
16.2.2011 Prof. Dr. J. Naumann (HU Berlin) On the existence of weak solutions to Prandtl's (1945) turbulence model
15.30 Uhr
Prof. Dr. G. Gilardi (Università Pavia) Solutions to models of phase segregation - Part 2
14.00 Uhr
Prof. Dr. P. Colli (Università Pavia) Solutions to models of phase segregation - Part 1
2.2.2011 Dr. G. Kitavtsev (MPI MIS Leipzig) Weak solutions to lubrication equations in the presence of strong slippage
26.1.2011 Prof. E. S. Titi (University of California, Irvine, USA and Weizmann Institute of Science, Israel) On the loss of regularity for the three-dimensional Euler equations
19.1.2011 Dr. M. Korzec (WIAS) On semilinear sixth order equations describing the faceting of growing surfaces
12.1.2011 Dr. H. Neidhardt (WIAS) Sturm-Liouville boundary problems in the half plane

2010    top

8.12.2010 Dr. P. Winkert (TU Berlin) Multiple solutions for nonlinear elliptic Neumann problems
10.11.2010 Dr. A. Faraj (TU Braunschweig) Reduced model and simulations for the adiabatic evolution of quantum observables driven by 1D shape resonances
16.00 Uhr
Prof. Dr. F. Nier (Université de Rennes 1, France) Adiabatic evolution of resonances in far from equilibrium systems
14.30 Uhr
Prof. Dr. P. Krejči (Mathematical Institute of the Academy of Sciences of the Czech Republic, Prague) What happens when water freezes in an elastoplastic container?
13.00 Uhr
Dr. E. Rocca (University of Milan, Italy) A diffuse interface model for two phase compressible fluids
29.9.2010 Dr. R. Haller-Dintelmann (TU Darmstadt) The square root of divergence form operators with mixed boundary conditions
14.7.2010 Prof. Y. Latushkin (University of Missouri, Columbia, USA) Birman-Schwinger operators, Evans function and stability of wave solutions
15:30 Uhr
Prof. V. A. Zagrebnov (Centre de Physique Théorique, Université Aix-Marseille II) A partition-free approach to transient and steady-state charge currents
14:00 Uhr
Prof. G. Savaré (Università di Pavia, Italy) The one-dimensional sticky particle system: an approach via optimal transport
23.6.2010 Dr. D. Matthes (TU Wien) A gradient flow approach to Cahn-Hilliard and Lubrication equations
9.6.2010 Prof. A. Manolescu (Reykjavik University, Island) Time dependent transport, generalized master equation, and Coulomb interaction in quantum nanosystems
2.6.2010 Prof. Y. Yamaura (Nihon University, Japan) A scheme of construction of minimizing movement associated to the singular functional
19.5.2010 Prof. M. Monteiro Marques (University of Lisbon, Portugal) On sweeping processes and applications to dynamical and quasistatic problems
5.5.2010 Dr. R. Rossi (Università di Brescia, Italy) Analysis of adhesive contact with thermal effects
21.4.2010 Dr. J. Rehberg (WIAS Berlin) Parabolic equations with discontinuous in time Neumann conditions
14.4.2010 G. Wachsmuth (TU Chemnitz) Regularity of displacement and stresses in linear and nonlinear elasticity with mixed boundary conditions
17.2.2010 Prof. J. Naumann (HU Berlin) On weak solutions to model problems for turbulent flows
10.2.2010 Prof. T. Roubíček (Charles University Prague, Czech Republic) Quasistatic plasticity with vanishing hardening
3.2.2010 M. Liero (HU Berlin) The Allen-Cahn equation with dynamic boundary condition
20.1.2010 Prof. L. Paoli (Université de Saint-Etienne, France) A time-stepping scheme for multibody dynamics with unilateral constraints
6.1.2010 Prof. E. Lieb (Princeton University, USA) Second thoughts on the second law of thermodynamics

2009    top

21.12.2009 Prof. M. M. Malamud (Donetsk National University, Ukraine) 1-D Schrödinger operators with local interactions on a discrete set
16.12.2009 Dr. J. Rehberg (WIAS) Optimal elliptic W1,p regularity near 3-dimensional, heterogeneous Neumann vertices, Part 2: The regularity result
9.12.2009 Dr. J. Rehberg (WIAS) Optimal elliptic W1,p regularity near 3-dimensional, heterogeneous Neumann vertices, Part 1: Local piecewise linear flattening of the boundary
25.11.2009 Dr. S.-J. Kimmerle (WIAS, HU Berlin) Homogenization of sharp-interface models for precipitation in crystalline GaAs including mechanical stresses
18.11.2009 Prof. A. Aldea (National Institute of Materials Physics Bucharest, Romania) Quantum transport in mesoscopic systems: interference and correlation effects in quantum dots
11.11.2009 Prof. R. Eymard (Université de Marne-la-Vallée, France) Application of discrete functional analysis to the convergence study of a finite volume scheme for nonlinear elliptic/parabolic problems
4.11.2009 Doc. Dr. Ing. E. Rohan (University of West Bohemia, Czech Republic) On homogenization of a fluid saturated medium with dual porosity (application to the bone modeling)
28.10.2009 Dr. J. Rehberg (WIAS) Coercivity for elliptic operators on Lipschitz domains
14:00 Uhr
Prof. M. Peletier (TU Eindhoven, Netherlands) Unification of diffusion and reaction as a Wasserstein gradient flow
14:00 Uhr
Prof. G. Savaré (Università di Pavia, Italy) A variational approach to gradient flows in metric-measure spaces (abstract)
8.7.2009 Prof. A. Mielke (WIAS, HU Berlin) Semiconductor models with recombination as entropy-driven gradient flow
1.7.2009 Dr. C. Zheng (Tsinghua University Beijing, China) Gaussian beam method for the boundary value problem of Helmholtz equation in the high frequency regime
24.6.2009 Dr. P. Dondl (Hausdorff-Zentrum für Mathematik, Universität Bonn) Pinning and depinning of nearly flat martensitic interfaces in a heterogeneous environment
17.6.2009 Dr. A. Glitzky (WIAS) Discrete Sobolev-Poincaré inequalities for Voronoi finite volume approximations
3.6.2009 Dr. P. E. Druet (WIAS) An integro-differential problem arising in the modeling of heat radiation
15:45 Uhr
Prof. V. Gudmundsson (University of Iceland, Reykjavik) Time-dependent transport in quantum wires
14:15 Uhr
Prof. E. Salje (University of Cambridge, UK) Microstructures in ferroelastics
20.5.2009 Workshop FG 2 Nonlinear optics in guided geometries
29.4.2009 Prof. D. Bothe (TU Darmstadt) Nonlinear evolution equations with applications to reaction-diffusion systems (abstract)
22.4.2009 Dr. R. Rossi (Università di Brescia, Italy) Interplay of viscosity and dry friction in rate-independent evolutions with nonconvex energies (abstract)
15.4.2009 Prof. F. Nier (Université de Rennes 1, France) Return to the equilibrium and pseudospectral estimates: A toy model (abstract)
8.4.2009 Prof. C. Besse (Université de Lille 1, France) Open boundary conditions and computational schemes for Schrödinger equations with general potentials and nonlinearities (abstract)
28.1.2009 PD Dr. D. Ševčovič (Comenius University Bratislava, Slovak Republic) Higher order estimates for the curvature and nonlinear stability of stationary solutions for curvature flow with triple junction
21.1.2009 Prof. L. Paoli (Université de Saint-Etienne, France) A velocity-based time-stepping scheme for vibro-impact problems
14.1.2009 Prof. F. Schuricht (TU Dresden) The eigenvalue problem for the 1-Laplace operator
14:00 Uhr
Prof. B. Kawohl (Universität Köln) Overdetermined boundary value problems for the p-Laplacian

2008    top

10:30 Uhr
Dr. V. Moldoveanu (National Institute of Materials Physics, Bucharest, Romania) Generalized master equation approach to mesoscopic transport
17.12.2008 Prof. M. M. Malamud (Donetsk National University, Ukraine) Elliptic, coercive and weakly coercive operators
17:00 Uhr
Dr. J. Rehberg (WIAS) Die Abhängigkeit des quantenmechanischen Teilchendichte-Operators vom Schrödinger-Potential ist analytisch.
3.12.2008 Doc. Dr. Ing. E. Rohan (University of West Bohemia, Czech Republic) Homogenization of acoustic transmission through a periodically perforated layer
26.11.2008 PD Dr. L. Recke (HU Berlin) Smoothness of solutions and smoothness of the data-to-solution-map for 2D Signorini problems
5.11.2008 Dr. S. Heinz (WIAS) Polynomial approximation of quasiconvex functions
29.10.2008 Dr. H. Wu (WIAS, Fudan University Shanghai, China) Convergence to equilibrium for nonlinear evolution equations
15.10.2008 Prof. A. Mielke (WIAS, HU Berlin) Thermoplasticity in the form of Öttinger's GENERIC (General Equation for Non-Equilibrium Reversible Irreversible Coupling)
1.10.2008 Prof. G. Nenciu (Romanian Academy, Institute of Mathematics, Bucharest) Decay laws in perturbation theory of embedded and near threshold eigenvalues
9.7.2008 Prof. K. Trivisa (University of Maryland, USA) From the dynamics of gaseous stars to the incompressible Euler equations
2.7.2008 Dr. Ch. Sparber (University of Cambridge, UK) On the Gross-Pitaevskii equation for trapped dipolar quantum gases
18.6.2008 Dr. G. Katriel (TU Clausthal) The explicit spectral theory of discrete one-dimensional Schrödinger operators with finitely supported potentials
11.6.2008 Dr. J. Rehberg (WIAS) On elliptic regularity on structures including multi-materials
4.6.2008 Dr. C. Zanini (Università Udine) Periodic solutions and complex dynamics for a differential equation arising in the study of a nerve fiber model
28.5.2008 Prof. P. Colli (Università Pavia) Long time convergence for a class of phase field models
14.5.2008 Prof. K. Hackl (Ruhr-Universität Bochum) Shape-memory alloys, energy-based models for single and polycrystals
7.5.2008 Prof. A. Mielke (WIAS, HU Berlin) Global existence for rate-independent gradient plasticity at finite strain
23.4.2008 Dr. J. Brasche (TU Clausthal) Approximation of Schrödinger operators by modified point interaction operators
16.4.2008, 14:00 Uhr
Prof. A. Langenbach
Prof. V. A. Solonnikov (Steklov Institute, St. Petersburg) On some evolution free boundary problems for the Navier-Stokes equations
27.2.2008 Dr. R. Haller-Dintelmann (TU Darmstadt) Maximal parabolic regularity for systems with VMO-coefficients
13.2.2008 Dr. J. Fuhrmann (WIAS) Convergence of a finite volume scheme to the eigenvalues of a Schrödinger operator
6.2.2008 Dr. T. Roubíček (Charles University Prague) Mathematical techniques for rate-independent processes in viscous solids
30.1.2008 Prof. L. Paoli (Université de Saint-Etienne, France) Existence and approximation for a 3D model of thermally induced phase transformations in shape-memory alloys
23.1.2008 Prof. J. Naumann (HU Berlin) Über die Gleichungen der stationären Bewegung ideal-plastischer Flüssigkeiten
9.1.2008 Prof. A.-M. Sändig (Universität Stuttgart) Griffith's fracture criterion in piezoelectric ceramics

2007    top

19.12.2007 M. Wilke (Martin-Luther-Universität Halle-Wittenberg) Maximal Lp regularity for the Cahn-Hilliard-Gurtin equations and long-time behavior
12.12.2007 Prof. M. M. Malamud (Donetsk National University, Ukraine) Elliptic boundary value problems
5.12.2007 Prof. E. S. Titi (University of California, Irvine, USA) Global Regularity for Three-dimensional Navier-Stokes Equations and Other Relevant Geophysical Models
28.11.2007 Dr. R. Haller-Dintelmann (TU Darmstadt) Maximale Regularität für Divergenzform-Operatoren auf Sobolev-Räumen
21.11.2007 Prof. E. Feireisl (Mathematical Institute of the Academy of Sciences of the Czech Republic, Prague) On a diffuse interface model for a two-phase flow of compressible viscous fluids
7.11.2007 Dr. J. A. Griepentrog (WIAS) On the uniform positivity of solutions to instationary drift-diffusion equations
24.10.2007 Dr. A. Glitzky (WIAS) On energy estimates for continuous and discretized electro-reaction-diffusion systems
17.10.2007 Prof. A. Miranville (Université de Poitiers, France) The Cahn-Hilliard equation with dynamic boundary conditions
19.9.2007 Prof. I. Rubinstein (Ben-Gurion University of the Negev, Israel) Bulk electroconvective instability
12.9.2007 Dr. T. Roubíček (Charles University Prague) Rate-independent processes in viscous solids and their thermodynamics
5.9.2007 Dr. P. Neff (TU Darmstadt) Notes on strain gradient plasticity: Finite strain covariant modelling and global existence in the infinitesimal rate-independent case
22.8.2007 Dr. J. Giannoulis (Zentrum Mathematik TU München) Reduced Hamiltonian structures for interacting pulses in nonlinear lattices
25.7.2007 Dr. E. Dintelmann (TU Darmstadt) Lp theory for fluids around moving obstacles
18.7.2007 Prof. F. Nier
(Université de Rennes 1)
Accurate WKB approximation for a 1D problem with low regularity
11.7.2007 Prof. B. Fiedler (FU Berlin) Design of planar global attractors of Sturm type (abstract)
Freitag, 14:00 Uhr
Prof. F. Otto (Universität Bonn) Coarsening and energy landscapes
4.7.2007 PD Dr. M. Ehrhardt (TU Berlin) A Review of Transparent and Artificial Boundary Conditions Techniques for Linear and Nonlinear Schrödinger Equations
13.6.2007 Prof. L. Paoli (Université de Saint-Etienne, France) Asymptotics for some vibro-impact problems with a linear dissipation term
23.5.2007 Prof. A. Mielke (WIAS, HUB) A model for complete damage
16.5.2007 PD Dr. L. Recke (HU Berlin) A new implicit function theorem and applications to singularly perturbed boundary value problems
14:00 Uhr
Dr. A. Schlömerkemper (MPI MIS Leipzig) A multi-scale analysis of magnetic forces between rigid bodies
25.4.2007 Dr. M. Peter (ZeTeM Universität Bremen) Homogenisation of coupled reaction-diffusion systems in porous media with evolving microstructure
18.4.2007 Dr. R. Haller-Dintelmann (WIAS) Irreducibility and mixed boundary conditions
15:30 Uhr
Dr. J. Rehberg (WIAS) Maximale parabolische Regularität auf Sobolevräumen
14:00 Uhr
Dr. R. Haller-Dintelmann (WIAS) Square roots of divergence form operators
21.2.2007 Prof. P. Exner (Nuclear Physics Institute of the Academy of Sciences of the Czech Republic, Prague) Geometrically induced spectral properties of quantum layers
15:30 Uhr
Prof. M. Falcone (University of Rome, Italy) Image processing
14:00 Uhr
Prof. M. Falcone (University of Rome, Italy) Control problems
Konrad-Zuse-Zentrum 15:30 Uhr
Prof. M. Falcone (University of Rome, Italy) Approximation schemes for viscosity solutions
Konrad-Zuse-Zentrum 14:00 Uhr
Prof. M. Falcone (University of Rome, Italy) An introduction to viscosity solutions
31.1.2007 S. Meier (ZeTeM Universität Bremen) A two-scale reaction-diffusion system with evolving microstructure
24.1.2007 Prof. M. Hieber (TU Darmstadt) Die Navier-Stokes Gleichungen und rotierende Fluide
17.1.2007 Prof. R. Farwig (TU Darmstadt) Strömungen um rotierende Hindernisse: Grundlegende Fragestellungen und überraschende Ergebnisse

2006    top

13.12.2006 Dr. J. Rehberg (WIAS) Optimal W1,q regularity for elliptic problems with mixed boundary conditions
Raum 406
Prof. H. Cornean (Aalborg University, Denmark) On the zero frequence limit of the Faraday rotation
22.11.2006 Prof. S. Nečasova (Math. Institute, Czech Acad. Sci., Prague) An Lq approach of viscous fluid flow past a rotating obstacle
15.11.2006 Prof. K. Gröger (WIAS, HU Berlin) Monotone Operatoren und Riemannsche Geometrie
8.11.2006 Sen. Sci Dan Tiba (Institute of Mathematics, Romanian Academy, Bucharest) The Control Variational Method
1.11.2006 Prof. F. Nier
(Université de Rennes 1)
Resonant tunneling diodes: modelling, results and mathematical issues
25.10.2006 Dr. E. Rocca (University of Milano, Italy) A dual formulation for a class of phase-field systems: existence and long-time behaviour of solutions
14 Uhr
Prof. E. Y. Khruslov (Institute for Low Temperature Physics Kharkov, Ukraine) Homogenization problems on Riemannian manifolds with complicated microstructure
19.7.2006 Prof. A. Shishkov (Institute of Appl. Math. and Mech. of NAS of Ukraine, Donetsk) Evolution of support in multidimensional thin-film flow with nonlinear diffusion, convection and absorption
12.7.2006 Dr. A. Lorent (MPI MIS Leipzig) An Lp Two-Well Liouville Theorem and Applications
5.7.2006 Prof. J. Rossmann (Universität Rostock) Regularitätsaussagen für Lösungen elliptischer Randwertaufgaben in Polyedergebieten
7.6.2006 Dr. J. Kristensen (University of Oxford) On the regularity of minimizers of multiple integrals
31.5.2006 Dr. J. Rehberg (WIAS) Über K. Grögers reguläre Mengen
17.5.2006 Dr. D. Blömker (RWTH Aachen) Stochastic Dynamics near a Bifurcation - Amplitude Equations
(abstract )
10.5.2006 Prof. F. Méhats
(IRMAR, Université de Rennes 1)
Quantum hydrodynamics models based on the maximum entropy principle
3.5.2006 Dr. S. Zelik (WIAS) Spatially nondecaying solutions of 2D Navier-Stokes equations in a strip
(abstract )
26.4.2006 Dr. M. Eleuteri (University of Trento, Italy) Asymptotic behavior of a Neumann parabolic problem with hysteresis
19.4.2006 Prof. G. R. Mingione (Parma University, Italy) Calderòn-Zygmund estimates for degenerate parabolic systems
8.2.2006 Dr. H. Neidhardt (WIAS) Linear evolution equations in perturbation theory
11.1.2006 Dr. D. Knees (WIAS) Energy release rate for a class of functionals from nonlinear elasticity
14.00 Uhr
Prof. D. Polisevski (Institute of Mathematics of the Romanian Academy, Bucharest) Asymptotic thermal flow around a highly conductive suspension

2005    top

14.12.2005 Dr. H. Stephan (WIAS) Funktionalanalytische Eigenschaften mikroskopischer Modelle
14.00 Uhr
Prof. M. M. Malamud (Donetsk National University, Ukraine) A generalization of the Aronszajn-Donoghue theory
7.12.2005 Prof. A. Mielke (WIAS, HU Berlin) Matrix groups for finite-strain formulations in elasticity and plasticity
23.11.2005 Prof. H. Kozono (Tohoku University Sendai, Japan) Some variational inequality of vector fields and its application to the Helmholtz-Weyl decomposition in Lr
14.00 Uhr
Prof. P. Exner (Nuclear Physics Institute of the Academy of Sciences of the Czech Republic, Prague) Resonance effects in transport through leaky graphs
16.11.2005 Dr. J. Rehberg (WIAS) Optimale Regularität für das innere Transmissionsproblem mit C1-Grenzfläche
15.45 Uhr
Dr. B. Heinemann (IHP Frankfurt (Oder)) Technologiebausteine für Kommunikationssysteme integriert auf einem Chip
14.00 Uhr
Dr. L. Recke (HU Berlin) Über semilineare hyperbolische Randanfangswertprobleme mit unstetigen Koeffizienten
26.10.2005 Prof. E. Feireisl (Mathematical Institute of the Academy of Sciences of the Czech Republic, Prague) On some singular limits for the full Navier-Stokes-Fourier system
19.10.2005 Dr. J. A. Griepentrog (WIAS) Maximale Regularität für Drift-Diffusionsprobleme in Sobolev-Morrey-Räumen
13.30 Uhr
Prof. B. Plamenevski (St. Petersburg State University) Scattering and electron transport in quantum wires
12.10.2005 Dr. Ch. Sparber (Wolfgang Pauli Institut, Universität Wien) Asymptotic regimes for nonlinear Schrödinger equations in periodic potentials
14.00 Uhr
Prof. V. A. Zagrebnov (Centre de Physique Théorique, Université Aix-Marseille II) Superradiant Bose-Einstein condensation
6.7.2005 Dr. D. Knees (WIAS) Regularität schwacher Lösungen quasilinearer elliptischer Transmissionsprobleme
29.6.2005 Dr. H. Neidhardt (WIAS) Offene Quantensysteme, Randbedingungen und Streuung
22.6.2005 Dr. J. Rehberg (WIAS) Existenz, Einzigkeit und Regularität für quasilineare parabolische Systeme
15.6.2005 Prof. R. Pego (Carnegie-Mellon University Pittsburgh) Divorcing pressure from viscosity in incompressible Navier-Stokes dynamics
8.6.2005 Dr. T. Roubícek (Charles University Prague) Ionized incompressible fluid mixtures
15.15 Uhr
Prof. Ph. Laurençot (Université Paul Sabatier, Toulouse) Mass conserving self-similar solutions to the Smoluchowski coagulation equation
14.00 Uhr
Prof. P. Colli (Università Pavia) Existence and large time behaviour for an entropy balance and linear thermal memory model for phase transitions       (abstract)
20.4.2005 Dr. U. Wulf (BTU Cottbus) Resonanter Transport in Halbleiterquantenstrukturen
13.4.2005 Dr. Elena Roxana Racec (BTU Cottbus) Transport properties of a single electron transistor
16.2.2005 Dr. H. Neidhardt (WIAS) Eindeutigkeit der Lösung dissipativer Schrödinger-Poisson-Systeme
9.2.2005 Dr. J. Wolf (HU Berlin) Energie-Gleichung für blow-up Lösungen der Euler-Gleichungen
19.1.2005 Dr. Said El Manouni (University of Fez, Marocco) Existence and regularity of solutions for some nonlinear elliptic equations involving the p-Laplacian
12.1.2005 Dr. P. Racec (IHP/BTU JointLab Cottbus) Application of R-matrix formalism in modeling of semiconductor nanostructures

2004    top

22.12.2004 Claudia Negulescu (Université Paul Sabatier Toulouse) The WKB approximation for the modelling of quantum ballistic transport in nanoscale MOSFETs
15.15 Uhr
Prof. K. Gröger (WIAS, HU Berlin) Maximale Monotonie und konvexe Funktionale
14.00 Uhr
Prof. S. Schwabik (Mathematical Institute of the Academy of Sciences of the Czech Republic, Prague) Recent possibilities of integrating Banach space-valued functions
8.12.2004 Dr. J. A. Griepentrog (WIAS) On the long-time behaviour of solutions to nonlocal phase separation problems
15.15 Uhr
Dr. U. Thiele (MPI Physik komplexer Systeme, Dresden) Thin liquid films on a slightly inclined heated plate: From Cahn-Hilliard to Kuramoto-Sivashinsky behaviour     (abstract )
14.00 Uhr
Prof. N. Ben Abdallah (Université Paul Sabatier Toulouse) Strong confinement limit for the three dimensional Schrödinger equation
14.00 Uhr
Dr. E. Rocca (University of Milano) Existence of a global attractor for some singular phase transitions systems
15.15 Uhr
Prof. I. V. Skrypnik (Institute for Applied Mathematics and Mechanics, Donetsk, Ukraine) Behavior and existence of positive solutions to nonlinear elliptic equations in exterior domains
17.11.2004 Prof. H. Amann (Universität Zürich) Über das Perona-Malik Paradoxon
10.11.2004 Prof. K. Ecker (FU Berlin) Local monotone quantities for some nonlinear diffusion equations
27.10.2004 Dr. M. Roeger (TU Eindhoven) Mathematical analysis of a model describing tissue degradation by bacteria     (abstract)
20.10.2004 Dr. L. Recke (HU Berlin) Über lokale Existenz, Eindeutigkeit und Regularität bei quasilinearen parabolischen Randanfangswertaufgaben mit nichtglatten Daten
7.07.2004 Prof. T.P. Witelski (Duke University) Dynamics for a critical-case unstable generalized thin film equation     (abstract)
30.06.2004 Dr. A. Stevens (Max Planck Institute for Mathematics in the Sciences Leipzig) Kinetic models for chemosensitive movement and their macroscopic limits
14.00 Uhr
Prof. Songmu Zheng (Fudan University Shanghai) On the Cahn-Hilliard equations with dynamic boundary conditions
15.15 Uhr
Prof. X. Ren (Utah State University) On the mathematical aspects of the Ohta-Kawasaki diblock copolymer theory
16.06.2004 Dr. J. Elschner (WIAS) Regularität elliptischer Transmissionsprobleme in Polyedergebieten
9.06.2004 Prof. H. Gajewski (WIAS) Existenz- und Einzigkeitsresultate für den dreidimensionalen Ladungstransport in Halbleitern
12.05.2004 Dr. J. Rehberg (WIAS) Eigenschaften elliptischer Operatoren mit unglatten Daten
5.05.2004 Dr. R. Blossey (IRI, Modelling and Simulation of Biological Nanosystems, Lille) On the integro-differential equations of nonlocal electrostatics
28.04.2004 Dr. S. Völlinger (Universität Freiburg) Geometrie der Schrödingergleichung und stochastischer Massentransport
21.04.2004 Dr. A. Rendall (MPI für Gravitationsphysik Golm) Das Einstein-Vlasov System
14.04.2004 Prof. N. F. Morozov (St. Petersburg State Universtity) The solid mechanics method in nanotechnology
7.04.2004 Prof. V. V. Pukhnachov (Novosibirsk State Universtity) Hierarchy of models in the convection theory
24.03.2004 Prof. K. Gröger (WIAS): Nichtlineare Evolutionsgleichungen, deren rechte Seiten zeitliche Maße enthalten
17.03.2004 Dr. H. Stephan (WIAS) Lyapunov-Funktionen für positive lineare Evolutionsprobleme in C*
10.03.2004 Prof. V. M. Adamyan (I.I. Mechnicov Odessa National University) Modelling of Electronic Structure of Nanowires
3.03.2004 Prof. H. Gajewski (WIAS) Ein Abstiegsverfahren für nichtkonvexe Energiefunktionale
25.02.2004 Prof. M. Bestehorn (BTU Cottbus) 3D Large scale convection in thin liquid films     (abstract)
11.02.2004 Prof. A. Miranville (Université de Poitiers) Hyperbolic perturbations of phase field systems with logarithmic potentials
4.02.2004 Prof. A. Vladimirov (Institute of Information Transmission, Russian Academy of Sciences, Moscow) Hysteresis methods in queuing theory    
28.01.2004 Prof. J. J. L. Velazquez (Universidad Complutense Madrid) Singular solutions of the Keller-Segel model
14.01.2004 Dr. A. Glitzky (WIAS) Ein stationäres Energiemodell mit mehreren Spezies
7.01.2004 Dr. W. Dreyer, Dr. A. Münch, Dr. B. Wagner (WIAS) Über die Grinfeld-Instabilität

2003    top

17.12.2003 Dr. S. Wieland (Universität Bonn) Modellierung und mathematische Analyse kontaminierter dünner Flüssigkeitsfilme
3.12.2003 Dr. Jihene Kefi (Université Paul Sabatier Toulouse) Mathematical analysis of the two-band Schrödinger model
26.11.2003 Dr. H. Neidhardt (WIAS) Kopplung von Drift-Diffusionsmodell und Schrödinger-Poisson-System
19.11.2003 M. Baro (WIAS) Gekoppelte Schrödinger-Drift-Diffusionsmodelle
12.11.2003 Dr. J. A. Griepentrog (WIAS) Nichtlokale Phasenseparationsmodelle für mehrkomponentige Systeme
5.11.2003 Prof. P. Krejci (WIAS) Evolutionsgleichungen mit nichtinvertierbaren Operatoren
15.10.2003 J. Behrndt (TU Berlin) Eine Klasse von Randwertproblemen, in denen die Randbedingungen vom Eigenwertparameter abhängen
20.08.2003 Prof. M. Delfour (University of Montreal) Modelling of thin and asymptotic shells
16.07.2003 Prof. I. V. Skrypnik (Institute for Applied Mathematics and Mechanics, Donetsk, Ukraine) Removable singularities of nonlinear elliptic equations
4.06.2003 Prof. E. Ya. Khruslov (Institute for low temperature physics, Kharkov, Ukraine) Homogenized models of complex fluids
19.02.2003 Dr. H. Neidhardt (WIAS) Konvexität von Spurklassenfunktionalen und Anwendungen
12.02.2003 Prof. Dr. K. Gröger (WIAS) Evolutionsgleichungen mit Konvektionsterm
29.01.200 M. Baro (WIAS) Quantum transmitting Schrödinger-Poisson systems
22.01.2003 Dr. J. Rehberg (WIAS) Das zweidimensionale van-Roosbroeck-System hat in Lp klassische Lösungen. Teil 2
15.01.2003 Dr. J. Rehberg (WIAS) Das zweidimensionale van-Roosbroeck-System hat in Lp klassische Lösungen. Teil 1
2002    top

4.12.2002 M. Lichtner (HU Berlin) Lineare elliptische Randwertprobleme mit nichtglatten Daten und unbeschränkten Koeffizienten
27.11.2002 Dr. W. Dreyer (WIAS) Zur Modellierung thermochemischer Prozesse in semiisolierendem Galliumarsenid
10.07.2002 Prof. I. V. Skrypnik (Institute for Applied Mathematics and Mechanics, Donetsk, Ukraine) On degree theory for S+-perturbations of maximal monotone operators and applications
3.07.2002 Prof. Dr. J. Robinson (University of Warwick) A pitchfork bifurcation in a reaction-diffusion equation
26.06.2002 Dr. J. Rehberg (WIAS) Lösungen für quasilineare parabolische Systeme mit gemischten Randbedingungen
5.06.2002 Prof. Dr. H.-D. Alber (TU Darmstadt) Wie sollte man Probleme der Metallplastizität formulieren? Was kann man zur Analysis sagen?
22.05.2002 Dr. H. Neidhardt (WIAS) Stromkopplung des Drift-Diffusion- und Schrödinger-Poisson-Systems
15.05.2002 Dr. J. Rehberg (WIAS) Das dissipative Schrödinger-Poisson-System ist lösbar
8.05.2002 M. Baro (WIAS) Dissipative Schrödingeroperatoren zur Modellierung von Generations- und Rekombinationseffekten
24.04.2002 Dr. J. Rehberg (WIAS) Operator-Funktionen erben Monotonie-Eigenschaften
17.04.2002 Dr. L. Recke (HU Berlin) Anwendungen des Satzes über implizite Funktionen auf Variationsungleichungen
2001    top

12.12.2001 M. Baro (WIAS) Über das stetige Spektrum verallgemeinerter Schrödinger Operatoren
5.12.2001 Prof. P. Degond (Université Paul Sabatier, Toulouse) Quantum-classical coupling in the time-dependent case
15.08.2001 Prof. T. Shaposhnikova (University of Linköping) Pointwise interpolation inequalities for derivatives and their applications in analysis
25.07.2001 Prof. I. V. Skrypnik (Institute for Applied Mathematics and Mechanics, Donetsk, Ukraine) On a topological approach to nonlinear equations with strong growth of coefficients
18.07.2001 Dr. H. Neidhardt (WIAS) Über das eindimensionale dissipative Schrödinger-Poisson-System: Vom Spektralparameter abhängige Randbedingungen
11.07.2001 Prof. W. Litvinov (Universität Augsburg) Problems on the flow of electro-rheological fluids
4.07.2001 Dr. H. Neidhardt (WIAS) Über das eindimensionale dissipative Schrödinger-Poisson-System: Vom Spektralparameter unabhängige Randbedingungen
30.05.2001 Dr. H. Stephan (WIAS) Lyapunov-Funktionen für eine Klasse von Fokker-Planck-Gleichungen
23.05.2001 Dr. A. Glitzky (WIAS) Neue Ergebnisse zur Analysis von Elektro-Reaktions-Diffusionsgleichungen. Teil 2
16.05.2001 Dr. A. Glitzky (WIAS) Neue Ergebnisse zur Analysis von Elektro-Reaktions-Diffusionsgleichungen. Teil 1
9.05.2001 Dr. O. Klein (WIAS) Modellierung von Unterkühlung mit Phasenfeldsystemen und Stefanproblemen
2.05.2001 Dr. G. Albinus (WIAS) Bemerkungen zur Boxmethode bei gemischten Randwertproblemen für elliptische Gleichungen 2. Ordnung mit unstetigen Koeffizienten
25.04.2001 Th. Koprucki (WIAS) Exact ground states for one-dimensional quantum many-body systems
18.04.2001 Dr. R. Guckel (WIAS) Über ein freies Randwertproblem in der Elektrostatik
11.04.2001 Prof. Dr. H. Gajewski (WIAS) Über ein nichtlokales Phasenseparationsmodell
28.03.2001 Prof. A. Skubachevskij (Institut für Luftfahrt, Moskau) Nonlocal elliptic problems
21.02.2001 Prof. T. Shaposhnikova (University of Linköping) Sobolev multipliers and ther applications to nonsmooth elliptic theory
14.02.2001 Dr. M. Hintermüller (Universität Graz) Level Set Methoden für zustandsbeschränkte Optimalsteuerungsprobleme
7.02.2001 M. Petzoldt (WIAS) Regularität für Laplace-Interface Probleme in 2D und 3D
31.01.2001 Prof. Dr. Atsushi Kadoya (Hiroshima Shudo University) Numerical results for the behavior of solutions of a parabolic variational inequality associated with the total variation functional
2000    top

13.12.2000 Dr. G. Schimperna (Università Pavia) Some results on phase separation models with thermoelastic effects
18.10.2000 Prof. J.-M. Roquejoffre (Université de Toulouse) A nonlinear oblique derivative problem for the heat equation: analogy with the porous medium equation
19.07.2000 Prof. I. V. Skrypnik (Institute for Applied Mathematics and Mechanics, Donetsk, Ukraine) Asymptotical behaviour of solutions of nonlinear elliptic and parabolic problems in perforated domains
12.07.2000 Prof. N. Kenmochi (Chiba University, Japan) Mathematical treatment of phase separation and order-disorder transition in binary mixtures
28.06.2000 Prof. K. Gröger (WIAS, HU Berlin) Gemischte Randwertprobleme und Kapazitäten
21.06.2000 Prof. A. Pankov (z. Zt. Universität Gießen) Multiplicity for stationary nonlinear Schrödinger equation with a steep potential well
31.05.2000 Prof. O. John (Charles University Prague) Regularity - some elliptic and parabolic counterexamples
26.04.2000 Prof. P. Fabrie (Université de Bordeaux) Some recent results in micromagnetism
19.04.2000 Dr. S. V. Zelik (University Moscow) Damped nonlinear hyperbolic equations in unbounded domains and their attractors
8.03.2000 Prof. A. Pankov (z. Zt. Universität Gießen) Mathematics of photonic crystal
1.o3.2000 Prof. A. Demidov (University Moscow) Inverse problems in plasma equilibrium
23.02.2000 Dr. S. Volkwein (Universität Graz) Über das Lagrange-Newton-SQP Verfahren für die Optimalsteuerung der Burgers Gleichung
16.02.2000 Prof. A. Khludnev (Institute of Hydrodynamics, Novosibirsk) On an equilibrium problem for a cracked body with electrothermoconductivit
9.02.2000 Prof. R. Duduchava (z. Zt. Universität Potsdam) Boundary value problems in domains with peaks
26.01.2000 M. Petzoldt (WIAS) Regularität und Fehlerschätzer für elliptische Gleichungen mit unstetigen Diffusionskoeffizienten
19.01.2000 Dr. G. Albinus (WIAS) Energiemodelle mit allgemeinen Dispersionsrelationen
12.01.2000 Prof. L. Simon (Eötvös Loránd University Budapest) On stability of solutions to nonlinear functional-differential equations
5.01.2000 Dr. J. Rehberg (WIAS) Interpolation durch Würfel-Drehen