Berliner Oberseminar Nichtlineare partielle Differentialgleichungen

Priv.-Doz. Dr. A. Glitzky (WIAS)
Prof. Dr. A. Mielke (WIAS, HUB)
Prof. Dr. B. Zwicknagl (HUB)

The talks are online and realized via 'Zoom'. The corresponding Zoom link will be given 15 minutes before the talk.

Wednesday, 3:15 p.m.

20.10.2021 Willem van Oosterhout (WIAS) Longtime dynamics of a non-autonomous Chafee-Infante equation (abstract)
27.10.2021 Dr. Matthias Liero (WIAS) Electrothermal drift-diffusion models for organic semiconductor devices
10.11.2021 Petr Vágner (WIAS) GENERIC, geometry and continuum electro-thermodynamics
17.11.2021 Prof. Dr. André Schlichting (WWU Münster) Dynamic behavior of growth processes: Phase separation, self-similarity, and oscillations (abstract)
24.11.2021 Prof. Dr. Tomáš Roubíček
(Charles University Prague, Czech Republic)
Visco-plastic elastodynamics at large deformations by Eulerian approaches (abstract)
1.12.2021 Lukas Wessels (TU Berlin) Pontryagin's maximum principle for SPDEs and its relation to dynamic programming (abstract)
8.12.2021 Dr. Joachim Rehberg (WIAS) Some new insights in second order divergence operators
15.12.2021 Jun.-Prof. Dr. Lara Trussardi (Universität Konstanz) Two structure-preserving time discretizations for gradient flow. An application to GENERIC systems (abstract)
12.1.2022 Ass. Prof. Dr. Sebastian Schwarzacher (Charles University Prague, Czech Republic) A variational approach to fluid-structure interactions (abstract)
26.1.2022 Prof. Dr. Alexander Mielke (WIAS, HUB) On two coupled degenerate parabolic equations motivated by thermodynamics
2.2.2022 Dr. Upanshu Sharma (FU Berlin) Variational structures beyond gradient flows (abstract)
9.2.2022 n.n. t.b.a.
16.2.2022 Dr. Petr Pelech (WIAS) t.b.a.



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