Leibniz Research Network Mathematical Modeling and Simulation

Call for Seed Money Grants

The Leibniz Network Mathematical Modeling and Simulation (MMS) supports the cooperation of Leibniz institutions on MMS-related topics. For this purpose, the network invites researchers from network member institutions to apply for mini-grants ("Seed Money Grants"). This funding aims to support the starting period of joint research activities and the acquisition of first research results as well as the identification of complementary strengths. The overall purpose is the development of outstanding research projects and the application for research funding for the further implementation and realisation of the project.

The seed money may be used for workshops, travels and guests for the joint scientific work at the beginning of the collaboration. This does not include funds for the participation in scientific conferences. Proposals shall be submitted by at least two member institutions of the MMS network. The maximum amount of money to be applied for amounts to 2,500.00 € per partner (but not more than 6.000,00 € in total). The money may also be spent to support scientists from outside the network, if this is of particular interest and benefit for the scientific work. In order to support the implementation of larger research projects led by a Leibniz institution from the MMS network, normally the proposals are expected to show good prospects for the application for further research funds from funding institutions (like DFG, BMBF, the European Commission or in the framework of the Leibniz Competition).

Application Procedure

For each proposal, one MMS network member institution shall act as the project coordinator. Proposals are expected to be short (max. 2 pages; font size 11pt min.; line spacing 1.5 lines), comprising the following aspects:

  1. Project sketch (e.g. on the interdisciplinary research approach, scientific hypothesis, models, data analysis, verification, risks).
  2. Project schedule.
  3. Institutions and scientists involved in the project.
  4. Budget (incl. intended use of the money).
  5. Short concept for the application for further funding.

Proposals may be delivered at any time by the project coordinator to leibniz-mms@wias-berlin.de (together with a short CV of the project coordinator, containing his/her 5 most relevant scientific publications).


The proposals will be evaluated by the evaluation committee of the MMS network. The funding decision will be taken by the committee together with the network coordinator.

The project coordinator will be informed about the decision not later than three weeks after the submission of the proposal.


The project coordinator is expected to deliver a short report on the results of the initial phase. A presentation of project results within the network's central MMS Days is expected.