Mathematical-technical software developer

Mathematical-technical software developers work in companies of different sizes and in different fields, such as commercial operations, research institutes, research centres and higher education establishments. Their main task is to design, realise and maintain software systems based on mathematical models.

Mathematical-technical software developers
  • Apply mathematical models to solve problems in the areas of computing, technology, natural sciences and industry
  • Analyse problems and develop and describe formal models in the field of software development
  • Design and realise object-oriented, complex software systems
  • Create user and system documentation
  • Document the software development process
  • Use standard mathematical procedures and solution algorithms and apply these in programs
  • Work in cooperation with academic specialists with regard to the mathematical interpretation and presentation of results
  • Plan quality assurance measures and implement these
  • Use standard test principles and procedure, and use test tools in a suitable manner
  • Communicate mathematical problems across different specialist fields, and work in interdisciplinary teams
  • Use project management methods
  • Advise and train users

Apprenticeship at WIAS


In 2024, WIAS obtained a certificate from the IHK as a recognized training institute.

More information about the apprenticeship as mathematical-technical software developer at WIAS can be found here (in German).

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