The Weierstrass Institute conducts project oriented research in applied mathematics with the aim of solving complex problems in technology, science and the economy. The institute deals with the whole scientific solution process, starting with mathematical modeling, followed by the theoretical analysis of models, and ending with the numerical simulation of the solution. In this context, the WIAS maintains long term, wide-ranging contacts with those who apply mathematics in industry and other areas of research and for whom it is a reliable partner.

The institute's core strengths are applied analysis and stochastics, developing and implementing numerical algorithms, and producing scientific software, as well as the consistent mathematical modeling of scientific and technological phenomena, and suitably combining all these strengths. Due to this wide range of strengths, WIAS is able to work on complex problems over long periods of time and through different phases, as well as tackle new problems and deliver fast solutions.

Application areas are oriented towards social requirements like the utilization of energy, development of medicine, research on material characteristics, or the quality analysis of technological innovations, which are reflected through our main application areas:

It is becoming more and more important to extract structure from very large disordered data sets or to give reliable statements about a process, even when the input data is subject to uncertainty. To solve these kinds of problems, WIAS combines methods from statistics, partial (stochastic) differential equations and numerics.

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