Leadership Principles at WIAS

  1. We convey optimism and motivation.

    WIAS combines advanced research in mathematics with issues of technical and industrial application. It is a well-known international excellent research-center. This makes us proud and gives us the strength to maintain and raise our status.

  2. We focus on key areas.

    Research at WIAS focuses on areas in which WIAS has special expertise in modeling, analysis, stochastics and simulation:

    • Nano- and Optoelectronics
    • Optimization and Control in Technology and Economy
    • Phase field models for complex materials and interfaces
    • Flow and Transport in continua
    • Random phenomena in nature and economy
    • Conversion, storage and distribution of energy

  3. We are goal-oriented.

    Based on the yearly program budget we set concrete targets that can quickly be settled thanks to our costs and cost-performance accounting system.

  4. We emphasize our strengths.

    A significant strength of the institute lies in the interdisciplinary mutual cooperation of our research groups. It enables us to work on application issues and analytical using stochastic methods. The interdisciplinary collaboration between analysis and stochastic is our strength.

  5. We show trust and appreciation towards each other and our employees.

  6. Our leadership is family friendly and equal opportunities oriented.

    We are responsible for creating a framework that enables our employees to reconcile work and family life. These include working hours time, work equipment, communication structures and much more. We aim to increase the proportion of women among our scientific staff.

  7. We consider the WIAS as an entity.