Head (acting):
Barbara Wagner

André Erhardt, Olaf Klein, Manuel Landstorfer, Rüdiger Müller, Leonie Schmeller, Alireza Selahi Moghaddam

Ina Hohn


The research group conducts research on multiscale modeling, analysis and numerical simulation of complex materials. The main expertise are the thermodynamically consistent modeling of phase transitions, the derivation of systematic asymptotic methods, in particular singularly perturbed problems, and analysis of hysteresis properties. Main application areas are Lithium-Ion batteries, thin-film organic and inorganic solar cells, fundamental processes of micro- and nano-structuring of interfaces, electro-magneto-mechanical components as well as biological systems.

For these application areas the research group develops material models of electrochemistry, phase-field models of electrodes, magnetorestrictive materials, models of damage as well as models for liquid polymers and other complex liquids and investigates the mathematical theory and numerical algorithms for the corresponding initial boundary value problems of systems of coupled partial differential equations.


In recent years the research group has obtained several major research grants,

  • the Young Scientist Group Modeling of Damage Processes (2009-2016) within the competition of the Leibniz Association,
  • the Leibniz Group Mathematical Models for Lithium-Ion Batteries (2012-2015) within the competition of the Leibniz Association, funding three Research Associates,
  • the research group "Mathematical Methods in Photovoltaics" (2011-2016) funding two research Associates and a Professorship position at the technical University Berlin. Part of the collaborative research project ”Ausbau PVcomB".

In 2014, the group co-orgainzied the international multidisciplinary workshop MURPHYS-HSFS-2014. The proceedings were published in Volume 727 of the Journal of Physics: Conference Series

Cooperation and Funding