Dietmar Hömberg

Ingo Bremer, Moritz Ebeling-Rump, Martin Eigel, Robert Gruhlke, Holger Heitsch, René Henrion, Robert Lasarzik, Sophie Luisa Plato, Andreas Rathsfeld, Janina Schütte, David Sommer

Anke Giese


The research group is concerned with problems in optimization and optimal control as well as inverse problems regarding up-to-date technical and economical applications. Research tasks range from theoretical questions regarding analysis and numerics of these problems to the development of efficient numerical algorithms and software to the point of the solution of application problems. In their research, the group touches almost all main application topics of the WIAS and concentrates on the topics

  • stochastic and non-smooth optimization
  • inverse problems for random surfaces and data
  • optimal control of multi-field and multi-scale problems