Gender Equality

Promoting equal opportunities is a management task at the Weierstrass Institute (WIAS). The institute is committed to achieving equal opportunities both for women and men and aims at gradually and sustainably increasing the percentage of women in the scientific field and in managerial positions. This requires improving access conditions and career opportunities for women and measures to promote their career advancement. WIAS supports the compatibility of family and work by creating a family-friendly working environment. A gender equality plan for the period 2020–2020 was compiled in order to implement these objectives. A gender equality plan for the period 2024–2027 is work in progress.

The WIAS management is supported by an elected or appointed equal opportunities respresentative and her deputy:

Equal 0pportunities officer:
Dr. Renita Danabalan
Project management MaRDI
Mohrenstrasse 39, room 203
Phone: (030) 20372-375
Image danabalan_a   Deputy equal opportunities officer:
Andrea Eismann
Sekretary of RG 1 and WG 1
Mohrenstrasse 39, Room 310
Phone: (030) 20372-320
Image eismann_a

The equal opportunities representatives offer advice and support on:

  • equal opportunities for women and men
  • compatibility of family and work
  • protection from sexual harassment