WIAS Preprint No. 2602, (2019)

On decomposition of embedded prismatoids in $R^3$ without additional points


  • Si, Hang

2010 Mathematics Subject Classification

  • 65D18 68U05 65M50 65N50


  • Twisted prisms, twisted prismatoids, torus knots, indecomposable polyhedra, Steiner points, Schönhardt polyhedron, Rambau polyhedron




This paper considers three-dimensional prismatoids which can be embedded in ℝ³ A subclass of this family are twisted prisms, which includes the family of non-triangulable Scönhardt polyhedra [12, 10]. We call a prismatoid decomposable if it can be cut into two smaller prismatoids (which have smaller volumes) without using additional points. Otherwise it is indecomposable. The indecomposable property implies the non-triangulable property of a prismatoid but not vice versa.
In this paper we prove two basic facts about the decomposability of embedded prismatoid in ℝ³ with convex bases. Let P be such a prismatoid, call an edge interior edge of P if its both endpoints are vertices of P and its interior lies inside P. Our first result is a condition to characterise indecomposable twisted prisms. It states that a twisted prism is indecomposable without additional points if and only if it allows no interior edge. Our second result shows that any embedded prismatoid in ℝ³ with convex base polygons can be decomposed into the union of two sets (one of them may be empty): a set of tetrahedra and a set of indecomposable twisted prisms, such that all elements in these two sets have disjoint interiors.

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