The group contributes to the following application oriented research topics of WIAS:

Mobile Communication Networks

Devices in our environment are increasingly networked. The exchange of data in these networks carries both opportunities and risks. Smart devices such as smartphones or self-driving cars play a special role. On the other hand, networks like the Internet of Things are made up of many simple devices. We study random mobile communication networks in terms of fundamental characteristics such as connectivity, capacity, and throughput. The focus is on the investigation of probabilities of extreme system overload, the spread of data in the network and strategies for more efficient data transmission. [>> more]

Particle-based modeling in the Sciences

For more than a hundred years diverse processes and phenomena in the natural sciences have been modelled using random particle systems. At the WIAS macroscopic phenomena in such large systems are analyzed with particular focus on phase transitions such as percolation or gelation. [>> more]