Gender equality

Equality, a guiding principle of WIAS, is firmly anchored in the institute's mission and leadership model of leading in a family-conscious and gender-oriented manner. This includes the promotion and creation of equal opportunities across all units - science and science supporting - of the institute. Likewise, the institute recognizes the importance of having a gender equal and diverse organization and is currently focusing efforts on supporting women in mathematics.

This includes

  • improving the gender balance in all career stages,
  • establishing the Iris Runge Programme for female Masters students and early career female researchers to pursue a career in mathematics,
  • and promoting family-friendly working conditions at WIAS.
The WIAS management is supported by an elected or appointed equal opportunities respresentative and her deputy:

Gender equality representative:
Dr. Renita Danabalan
Project management MaRDI
Mohrenstrasse 39, room 111
Phone: (030) 20372-375
Image danabalan_a   Deputy gender equality representative:
Andrea Eismann
Sekretary of RG 1 and WG 3
Mohrenstrasse 39, Room 310
Phone: (030) 20372-320
Image eismann_a

The gender equality representatives offer advice and support

  • on issues of equal opportunities for women and men
  • and in cases of discrimination and sexual harassment.

Policy documents on equal opportunities