Autumn School on Nonsmooth Structures in Mathematical Models 2017

A number of complex problems in the applied and physical sciences involve non-differentiable structures that lead to non-smooth systems and models. Some examples of these include models describing frictional contact problems, magnetization of superconductors, and optimal system design in biomechanics and robotics; these are all highly nonlinear and nonsmooth, and represent novel mathematical structures. Analytical, algorithmical and numerical obstacles need to be overcome to fully study these problems. The aim of this autumn school is to present formulations of models, their rigorous analysis and resulting numerical analysis in a series of lectures that will highlight the state of the art in this area. This school is primarily intended for the doctoral and postdoctoral students of the DFG SPP1962, however other interested parties may also apply to register.

The autumn school is jointly organized by WIAS Berlin and DFG SPP1962.



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