Open Access stands for unrestricted online access to peer-reviewed scholarly research. Open Access is free of charge and free of most restrictions on use and thus, encourages innovation, stimulates collaboration and helps making the use of fundings more transparent.

Together with PDI, WIAS' Open Access Commission plans a joint Open Access Day on 22. November 2018. We would like to inform WIAS and PDI employees about the latest developments in Open Access for example third-party funding on national and international level.


  • introduction to the topic Open Access (idea, motivation, (dis)advantages etc.) – Dr. Ursula Arning (ZB MED)
  • legal aspects of Open Access (licences, copyright, author contracts etc.) - Dr. Ursula Arning (ZB MED)
  • Open Access in Mathematics: Current Status, Benefits for Researchers, and Hopes for the Future - Olaf Teschke, Fabian Müller (FIZ Karlsruhe)
  • "Die Open-Access-Transformation aus Sicht der DFG" – Dr. Angela Holzer (DFG)
  • information on Projekt Deal – Prof. Gerard Meijer (FHI)
  • "arXiv, MathOA, Overlay-Journals: Open Access in Mathematik und Physik" - Dr. Stefan Schmeja (TIB)

  • Please note: all talks will be given in German; English questions are welcome.
    Download the program and flyer as -pdf.


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    Cecilia Bonetti
    Ilka Kleinod
    Benedikt Jahnel
    Thomas Koprucki
    Jonas Lähnemann (PDI)
    Alexander Linke
    Jörg Polzehl
    Mercedes Reischel (PDI)