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Mathematics for Semiconductor Heterostructures
— Modeling, Analysis, and Numerics —

International Workshop

September 24 – 28, 2012

The aim of the conference is to bring together applied mathematicians and scientists from semiconductor physics and to give them the opportunity to exchange experience in the field of modeling and simulation of micro-, nano-, and optoelectronic semiconductor devices. The conference focuses on
  • modeling of micro-, nano-, and optoelectronic devices, and the
  • analytical and numerical investigation of relevant model equations, including the design of efficient algorithms.
The program covers besides classical drift-diffusion and energy models, semi-classical and quantum transport models, but also active-interface models and stochastic material properties. The applications range from the field of classical micro-electronics to opto-electronics, organic semiconductors, spintronics, quantum dots, wires, wells and waveguides. Some real-world device examples and their specific point of interest will be discussed.



Lectures are scheduled from Monday morning until Friday afternoon. The regular lecture will be 30 minutes plus 10 minutes for discussion. The late Wednesday afternoon is reserved for a visit of the Neues Museum. In particular, we will have guided tours through the museum. Finally, the Wednesday will be concluded with a joint dinner. For the detailed program click here.

Conference fee

The conference fee of 80€ covers break refreshments, a conference dinner, a guided tour at the Neues Museum, and a booklet of abstracts. It is to be paid cash at the conference desk.


The workshop will be hosted by the Weierstrass Institute Berlin, which is located in a historic building close to the famous Gendarmenmarkt square. The workshop address is: WIAS Berlin, Mohrenstraße 39, 10117 Berlin, Germany. The Erhard Schmidt lecture room of WIAS is equipped with a blackboard, two overhead projectors, and a beamer with a laptop (Windows system), as well as intranet and internet.
  • A detailed description how to get to the WIAS you find here (Google Maps).
  • See for more information about public transport in Berlin (routes/tickets).


Weierstrass Institute Deutsche Forschungsgemeinschaft

Contact and further information

Olga Kuphal (,
Mohrenstraße 39, D-10117 Berlin,
Phone: +49-(0)30 20372 320, Fax: +49-(0)30 20372 311