Modeling, Analysis and Simulation of Optical Modes
in Photonic Devices

International Workshop

April 10 – 12, 2013

The aim of the conference is to bring together applied mathematicians and scientists from semiconductor laser physics and to give them the opportunity to exchange experience in the field of modeling and simulation of optical modes in semiconductor lasers. The conference focuses on
  • Maxwell equations for active materials,
  • Modeling based on optical modes,
  • Methods for computation of optical modes,
  • Applications to lasers and photonic devices.
The program covers coupling between optical and electronic models ⋅ mesoscopic quantum optics ⋅ Maxwell-Bloch equations ⋅ Helmholtz equations ⋅ singularities ⋅ modeling of open resonators ⋅ (transparent) boundary conditions ⋅ constant flux modes ⋅ cavities in photonic crystals ⋅ (adaptive) finite-element methods ⋅ FITD methods ⋅ broad area lasers ⋅ VCSELs ⋅ optical fiber lasers ⋅ nanoplasmonics ⋅ sensitivity of modes on device design or operation conditions ⋅ mode reduction of dynamic models.

List of invited speakers

  • Sven Burger (Zuse Institute, Berlin, Germany)
  • Kurt Busch (Humboldt University and Max-Born-Institute, Berlin, Germany)
  • Monique Dauge (Université de Rennes 1, France)
  • Niels Gregersen (DTU Fotonik, Lyngby, Copenhagen, Denmark)
  • Andreas Knorr (Technical University Berlin, Germany)
  • Matthias Liertzer (Vienna University of Technology, Vienna, Austria)
  • Lothar Nannen (Vienna University of Technology, Vienna, Austria)
  • Frank Schmidt (Zuse Institute, Berlin, Germany)
  • Kersten Schmidt (Technical University Berlin, Germany)
  • Rolf Schuhmann (Technical University Berlin, Germany)
  • Dmitry Skryabin (University of Bath, Bath, United Kingdom)
  • Hakan E. Türeci (Princeton University, Princeton, USA)
  • Marcus Waurick (TU Dresden, Dresden, Germany)
  • Hans Wenzel (Ferdinand-Braun-Institut, Berlin, Germany)
  • Bernd Witzigmann (University of Kassel, Kassel, Germany)


Lectures are scheduled from Wednesday morning until Friday noon. Invited lectures will be 40 minutes plus 5 minutes for discussion and contributed lectures will be 25 plus 5 minutes..

Workshop dinner

The workshop dinner is planned to take place on Wednesday evening (April 10, 2013).