International Workshop:
Dynamics in Coupled Network Systems
November 20 - 22, 2023 — Berlin

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The dynamics of coupled oscillators plays an important role in a variety of systems in nature and technology. The workshop will bring together mathematicians and experts from various fields of applications (neuronal systems, power grids, chemical oscillations) to discuss recent developments and further perspectives from an interdisciplinary perspective. A specific focus will be on:
  • adaptive networks
  • structured networks: symmetries and beyond
  • emergent collective dynamics
  • heterogeneous networks and homogenization
  • networks with multiple time scale dynamics

    Invited Speakers

    • Andreas Amann (Cork)
    • Christian Bick (Amsterdam)
    • Oleksandr Burylko (Kyiv)
    • Áine Byrne (Dublin)
    • Maximilian Engel (Berlin)
    • Deniz Eroğlu (Istanbul)
    • Bastien Fernandez (Paris)
    • Georg Gottwald (Sydney)
    • Thilo Gross (Oldenburg)
    • Frank Hellmann (Potsdam)
    • Hildeberto Jardón-Kojakhmetov (Groningen)
    • Katharina Krischer (München)
    • Leonhard Lücken (Oldenburg)
    • Eddie Nijholt (London)
    • Oleh Omel'chenko (Potsdam)
    • Diego Pazó (Santander)
    • Arkady Pikovsky (Potsdam)
    • Bob Rink (Amsterdam)
    • Michael Rosenblum (Potsdam)
    • Isabelle Schneider (Berlin)
    • Matteo Tanzi (London)
    • Ralf Tönjes (Potsdam)
    • Dmitry Turaev* (London)
    • Marius Yamakou (Erlangen-Nürnberg)
    • Anna Zakharova (Berlin)
    • Michael Zaks (Berlin)

    • *= to be confirmed


    Lectures are scheduled from Monday morning until Wednesday evening. Apart from the invited talks, there will be a limited number of contributed talks and a poster session on Monday evening.

    Workshop dinner

    The Workshop dinner will take place on Tuesday November 21, 2023.

    Supported by

    DFG Deutsche Forschungsgemeinschaft

    Organized by

    Weierstrass Institute (WIAS)