International Workshop:
Waves, Solitons and Turbulence in Optical Systems
October 12 - 14, 2015 — Berlin

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Optical and optoelectronic systems display a huge variety of complex nonlinear dynamical regimes in space and time. Both in the Hamiltonian and in the dissipative context, one can observe regular dynamics such as waves, pulsations, or solitons, but also high-dimensional irregular dynamics where a large number of modes is excited and no reduction to a low-dimensional description is possible. The workshop is aiming to discuss recent results on experimental findings and theoretical background of such dynamical phenomena, explaining their origin, their properties, and transitions between them. This includes in particular
  • solitons, rogue waves, and supercontinua
  • spatio-temporal dynamics in active and passive cavities
  • effects of delay and control
  • optical wave turbulence, onset of turbulence

    Invited Speakers