ERC Workshop on

Modeling Materials and Fluids using Variational Methods

February 22 – 26, 2016

Our topics include:
phase transitions and plasticity in elastic materials; damage, delamination, adhesion and contact problems; nonlinear nonlocal equations modeling interacting fluids dynamics; bulk-interface interactions, diffuse interface models for special materials like liquid crystals, shape-memory materials, polymers, bio-materials, ferromagnetic materials, chemical reaction-diffusion systems; mathematical methods for dissipative evolution endowed with a gradient structure; multiscale problems and evolutionary Γ-convergence.


Alexander Mielke (WIAS Berlin) Elisabetta Rocca (WIAS Berlin)


  • John Ball, Oxford
  • Elena Bonetti, Pavia
  • Pierluigi Colli, Pavia
  • Karoline Disser, Berlin
  • Eduard Feireisl, Prague
  • Julian Fischer, Leipzig
  • Sergio Frigeri, Berlin
  • Maurizio Grasselli, Milano
  • Dorothee Knees, Kassel
  • Pavel Krejčí, Prague
  • Felix Otto, Leipzig
  • Riccarda Rossi, Brescia
  • Tomáš Roubíček, Prague
  • Giuseppe Savaré, Pavia
  • Jürgen Sprekels, Berlin
  • Ulisse Stefanelli, Vienna
  • Marita Thomas, Berlin
  • Arghir Zarnescu, Sussex and Bucharest


  • Virginia Agostiniani, Trieste
  • Giacomo Canevari, Paris
  • Elisabetta Chiodaroli, Lausanne
  • Christian Heinemann, Berlin
  • Michael Herrmann, Münster
  • Sabine Hittmeir, Linz
  • Kei Fong Lam, Regensburg
  • Matthias Liero, Berlin
  • Dirk Peschka, Berlin
  • Paolo Piovano, Vienna
  • Riccardo Scala, Berlin
  • Antonio Segatti, Pavia


Lectures are scheduled from Monday noon until Friday noon. There will be poster presentations and lectures which take 40 minutes plus 5 minutes for discussion and talks with a duration of 25 plus 5 minutes. The conference dinner will take place on Wednesday.


For details on registration and payment, please see link here.

Early fee 80 € (payment by January 25).
Late fee 90 €
Please note speakers do not need to pay a conference fee.

Submission of Abstracts

If you would like to present a poster, please submit an abstract via email to link
If possible, please respect the details for submission given link here.

Child Care

We can provide and sponsor child care during the workshop. Please do not hesitate to contact us.


The workshop will take place at the Weierstrass Institute (WIAS), which is located in a historic building in the center of Berlin. The workshop address is: WIAS Berlin, Mohrenstraße 39, 10117 Berlin, Germany.
The Erhard Schmidt lecture room of WIAS is equipped with a blackboard, two overhead projectors and a digital projector with a laptop (Windows system), as well as intranet and internet.
  • You can find the location of WIAS highlighted link here (Openstreetmap).
  • See link for more information about public transport in Berlin (routes/tickets).

Contact and further information

Phone: +49-(0)30 20372 320

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