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Homogenization is a very powerful tool for the mathematical modeling of heterogeneous materials with applications in biological tissues, composite materials, optics and acoustics (wave equation), porous media, interfaces and transmission problems as well as damage and brittle materials.

The aim of the workshop is to bring together researchers from analysis, numerics and scientific computing and to give them the opportunity to exchange experience in the field of homogenization.

In particular, the conference will focus on

  • Periodic homogenization,
  • Stochastic homogenization,
  • Numerical methods for multiscale problems.
Invited and contributed talks will cover a variety of mathematical approaches towards homogenization such as periodic and stochastic unfolding, Gamma-convergence, asymptotic expansion and numerical algorithm for multiscale problems.

Invited Speakers

  • Patrizia Donato (Rouen)
  • Antoine Gloria (Paris)
  • Georges Griso (Paris)
  • Ralf Kornhuber (Berlin)
  • Agnes Lamacz (Dortmund)
  • Claude Le Bris (Paris)
  • Maria Neuss-Radu (Erlangen)
  • Thomas Niedermayer (Berlin)
  • Daniel Peterseim (Augsburg)


Contact and further information

E-Mail: homtap2017@wias-berlin.de
Phone: +49-(0)30 20372 320