The workshop ALEX2018 has been held at WIAS and HU Berlin, Germany, from September 24-28, 2018. It addressed new aspects for evolutionary PDEs with a wide range of applications in physics, biology, chemistry, and engineering. The focus has been put on four main topics:
  • Variational methods for continuum mechanics,
  • Gradient and Hamiltonian structures,
  • Dynamical systems,
  • Multiscale problems.
Contributions included modeling of smart materials, interrelation between stochastics and PDEs, multi-particle systems, transition from discrete to continuum, quantum mechanics, and reaction-diffusion systems.

On Wednesday, September 26, a social event took place in the morning and a workshop dinner in the evening.

In the afternoon of the 26th, a special colloquium in honor of the 60th birthday of Professor Alexander Mielke took place at the Humboldt University building Hegelplatz.

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Book of abstracts

Invited Speakers

  • Helmut Abels
  • Sören Bartels
  • Andrea Braides
  • Yann Brenier
  • Thomas J. Bridges
  • Martin Brokate
  • Sergio Conti
  • Gianni Dal Maso
  • Karoline Disser
  • Georg Dolzmann
  • Patrick Dondl
  • Bernold Fiedler
  • Julian Fischer
  • Thierry Gallay
  • Klaus Hackl
  • Martin Heida
  • Dorothee Knees
  • Ralf Kornhuber
  • Carolin Kreisbeck
  • Martin Kružik
  • Jan Maas
  • Alain Miranville
  • Markus Mittnenzweig
  • Stefan Neukamm
  • Barbara Niethammer
  • Felix Otto
  • Mark Peletier
  • Michiel Renger
  • Filip Rindler
  • Elisabetta Rocca
  • Riccarda Rossi
  • Thomas Roubíček
  • Guiseppe Savaré
  • Anja Schlömerkemper
  • Eckehard Schöll
  • Yasemin Şengül
  • Jürgen Sprekels
  • Ulisse Stefanelli
  • Serhiy Yanchuk
  • Johannes Zimmer


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