WIAS Preprint No. 2034, (2014)

Transient radiation from a circular string of dipoles excited at superluminal velocity


  • Arkhipov, Rostislav M.
  • Arkhipov, Mikhail V.
  • Babushkin, Ihar
  • Tolmachev, Yurii A.

2008 Physics and Astronomy Classification Scheme

  • 41.60.Bq 42.25.Fx 42.25.Hz 42.65.Ky


  • Cherenkov radiation, ultrashort laser pulse, superliminal motions, optical Bloch equations




This paper discusses the features of transient radiation from periodic one-dimensional resonant medium excited by ultrashort pulse. The case of circular geometry is considered for the harmonic distribution of the density of the particles along the circle. It is shown that a new frequency component arises in the spectrum of the scattered radiation in addition to the resonance frequency of medium. The new frequency appears both in the case of linear and nonlinear interaction, its value depends on the velocity of excitation pulse propagation and on the period of spatial modulation. In addition, the case when excitation moves at superluminal velocity and Cherenkov radiation arises is also studied.

Appeared in

  • IEEE J. Quantum Electron., 45 (2015) pp. 590--596.

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