WIAS Preprint No. 568, (2000)

Surface waves at an interface separating two saturated porous media


  • Edelman, Inna
  • Wilmanski, Krzysztof

2010 Mathematics Subject Classification

  • 35C20 35L50 73D20


  • partial differential equations, waves in porous media




Surface waves at an interface between two saturated porous media of different structure are investigated. Existence and peculiarities of surface wave propagation are revealed. Four types of surface waves are proven to be possible: true Stoneley surface wave propagating almost without dispersion, leaky slow pseudo-Stoneley wave, leaky generalized Rayleigh wave, and one more new leaky mode. True Stoneley, leaky pseudo-Stoneley, and generalized Rayleigh waves are similar to those waves, which exist at an interface between a saturated porous medium and a liquid. Existence of generalized Rayleigh wave or new mode depends crucially on the parameters of the skeletons.

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