WIAS Preprint No. 549, (2000)

General ether theory


  • Schmelzer, Ilja

2010 Mathematics Subject Classification

  • 83D05 83C45


  • quantum gravity, Bell's inequality, alternative theories of gravity




The paper is an introduction into General Ether Theory (GET). We start with few assumptions about an universal "ether" in a Newtonian space-time which fulfils

tρ + ∂i (ρvi) = 0

t(ρvj)+∂i(ρvivj+pij = 0 For an "effective metric" gµν we derive a Lagrangian where the Einstein equivalence principle is fulfilled:

L = LGR - (8πG)-1(Υg00 - Ξ(g11 + g22 + g33))√-g

We consider predictions (stable frozen stars instead of black holes, big bounce instead of big bang singularity, a dark matter term), quantization (regularization by an atomic ether, superposition of gravitational fields), related methodological questions (covariance, EPR criterion, Bohmian mechanics).

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