Funded Projects (Archive)

Shown are all completed projects attributed to funding programms (since 2008). A list of currently funded projects can be found here ».

EU (FP7, Horizon 2020) »

Excellence Strategy (DFG) »

DFG Research Centers »

DFG Collaborative Research Centers »

DFG Priority Programs »

DFG Research Units »

DFG Research Training Groups »

DFG Individual Grants Program »

DFG-funded international cooperations »

BMBF Program "Mathematics for innovations" »

BMBF Research Program "ICT 2020 - Research for Innovations" »

Energy and Climate Fund of the German Federal Government »

German Academic Exchange Service (DAAD) »

BMBF initiative "Networks for basic research in renewable energies and efficient energy use" »

BMBF Program "Optical Technologies" »

BMBF Program "Förderung der Wissenschaftlich-Technologischen Zusammenarbeit (WTZ) mit der Republik Moldau" »

BMBF Program "KMU-innovativ" »

BMBF Program "Spitzenforschung und Innovationen in den neuen Ländern" »

BMBF Program „Development and Implementation of Dissemination Concepts” »

Energy Storage (Reserach Initiative of the German Federal Government - BMWi/BMBF) »

Central Innovation Program for SMEs: Cooperations (ZIM) »

Leibniz Competition »

Research and development projects »

Further Funded Projects »

BMWi Support Program EXIST »

EUREKA/eurostars »

BMBF Program "Efficient high-performance laser beam sources" (EffiLAS) »

Einstein Foundation Berlin »

Helmholtz Virtual Institute "Microstructure control for thin film solar cells" »

Pro FIT - Projektfinanzierung »