The group contributes to the following application oriented research topics of WIAS:

Computational neuroscience and medical imaging

Image processing tools based on mathematical algorithms from statistics or variational methods enable a bulk of applications in the medical sciences. They range from image enhancement to automatic image analysis. [>> more]

Modeling of phase separation and damage in modern materials

This work is focussed on the modeling of damage and on phase separation in modern solder materials for microelectronic devices. [>> more]

Modeling, Simulation and Optimization for Biomedical Applications

Today, in medical science digital simulation instruments for processes in the human body are utilized in diagnistics and therapy planning. We develop models and optimization tools for biological tissues, fluids, and their interaction. [>> more]

Optimization Problems in Power Management

The management of electricity portfolios includes the unit commitment problem (with respect to a network of thermal, hydro, decentralized and other power units) but also trading of electrical energy under the conditions of a liberalized power market. [>> more]

Simulation, optimization and optimal control of production processes

In the area of procuction, there is a huge demand for planning and optimization tools that allow for an accelerated re-planning and reconfiguration of complex production facilities. In this context, the key words are "digital factory" or "Industry 4.0", which represents the transition to a connected, widely self-organized industrial production. This interconnectivity allows not only for the optimization of individual production steps, but also of the entire value chain. [>> more]