Analysis, modeling, and simulation of different aspects of research on renewable energies as well as for the effective use of conventional energy resources.

Design of nano structures for applications in photovoltaics
Semiconductor simulations in photovoltaics
(Software WIAS-TeSCA)

Phase transition and hysteresis in the context of storage problems
Lithium-ion batteries, hydrogen storage in metal hydrides

Electro-reaction-diffusion model for electrochemical systems
Investigation of heterogeneous electrocatalysis in porous catalysts for thin-layer flow cells

Optimization Problems for Energy Management
Hydro power management under stochastic constraints
Power trading under the terms of a liberalized market
Planning optimization of gas transport with regulated specifications
Topology optimization of wind engines under uncertainty
Process Simulation for Gas Turbines
Static und dynamic simulation
Monte-Carlo simulation
Calculation of correction curves
Process optimization