aws is a contributed package within the R-Project for Statistical Computing that contains a reference implementation of the adaptive weights smoothing algorithms for local constant likelihood and local polynomial regression models. Binaries for several operating systems are available from the Comprehensive R Archive Network.
BOP - A Simulator for Large-Scale Process Engineering Problems
The simulator BOP (Block Orientend Process Simulator) is a software package for steady-state, transient and Monte Carlo simulation of large-scale problems from process engineering. The simulation concept is based on a divide-and-conquer strategy which is efficiently applicable on parallel computers with shared memory.
ClusCorr98 ® for exploratory data analysis
This collection of statistical software components is written in Visual Basic for Applications (VBA). Internal and external databases are accessed from the Excel environment. ClusCorr98® runs under Microsoft Windows.
WIAS R-packages for imaging / neuroscience
At WIAS a number of R-packages for image processing are developed focussing on structural adaptive smoothing methods. Applications range from digital color images via functional magnetic resonance imaging to diffusion weighted imaging.