BALaser for the simulation of dynamics in broad-area semiconductor lasers
This software is used for simulations of the nonlinear dynamics in high-power edge-emitting (B)road-(A)rea semiconductor (Laser)s. It integrates numerically the laterally extended dynamic traveling wave model (one and two dimensional PDE), executes different data post-processing routines, and visualises the obtained data.
ddfermi - drift diffusion simulation tool
ddfermi is a software prototype which simulates drift diffusion processes in classical and organic semiconductors. It uses a finite volume discretization of the basic semiconductor equations as well as thermodynamically consistent, state-of-the-art flux approximations.
LDSL-tool for the simulation of longitudinal dynamics in semiconductor lasers
This software is used to investigate and to design multi-section lasers which exhibit various nonlinear dynamical effects such as self-pulsations, chaos, hysteresis, mode switching, excitability, and synchronization to an external signal frequency.