The group contributes to the following application oriented research topics of WIAS:

Diffusion models in statistical physics

Many models in statistical physics contain random paths with interactions of various natures, like polymer models, where the path has a self-repellence and attractive interactions with the surrounding medium, mass transport models, where the path carries a random mass that is increased and decreased, depending on the properties of the space visited, or self-intersection properties of the path. [>> more]

Mobile Communication Networks

Mobile telephones and similar devices are in wide and intensive use and place high demands on the networks to which they connect. The behaviour of individual users is, for practical purposes, unpredictable and the load on the network varies randomly in space and time. We study the probability of extreme overloading events which cause significant degradation in the user experience. Most problems can be solved by the installation of sufficient networking equipment, but this has a significant financial cost. Our work allows informed decisions to be made balancing cost and service quality. [>> more]