Compatibility of Family and Work

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In 2013, WIAS obtained the berufundfamilie audit certificate for a period of three years. A target agreement was signed to optimize the institute's family-friendly arrangements. With the certificate, WIAS aims to document its commitment towards the harmonization of work and family both internally and externally and implement central research policy objectives.

Image Zertifikatsverleihung2014 On June 17, 2014, Prof. Sprekels received in an official ceremony in the Maritim Hotel Berlin the certificate of the berufundfamilie audit. From the 322 certificates that were obtained in the last 12 months, 57 were presented to enterprises, 126 to institutions, and 9 to universities. 86 employers obtained the certificate for the first time and five already for the fifth time. The auditing process has to be gone through every three years.

Parent-and-child office

For mothers and fathers who temporarily wish to take care of a small child in the immediate vicinity of their working place WIAS provides a parent-and-child office (room 402 in Mohrenstrasse 39). There is a computer workplace with internet access (Sunray) and a telephone (no. 402) to enable you to care for your child by yourself in emergencies like a strike action in the kindergarten or a slight and non-contagious disease of your child, the cancellation of classes at school or a cancellation at short notice by your day nanny. At the same time, you can do some work and have access to the needed documents. Additionally, please find in the room a playpen/bed and two folding mattresses that can also be used in emergencies by collaborators who do not feel well. All electrical sockets are childproof. A first-aid kit can be found in the kitchen next door, where there is also a microwave oven that can be used to warm up baby food and milk. Clean linen (with a waterproof layer, please), cuddly toys, dishes, and other things with special hygienic requirements must be brought by the parents themselves. After having signed the -> Rules for using the parent-and-child office (in German only), you can get the key for the room by WIAS administration staff.

In the buiding Hausvogteiplatz you can find travel cots in the cloak rooms to be taken into your office if you need one.

Selected seminars, colloquia, and meetings at WIAS usually end before 5 p.m. to allow also staff members with a family to attend these events regularly.

WIAS supports and advises its staff members who wish to take parental leave and keeps in touch with them during that time.