A Tetrahedral Mesh and Piecewise Linear Complex Viewer.

Hang Si
Research Group of
Numerical Mathematics and Scientific Computing
Weierstrass Institute for
Applied Analysis and Stochastics
Mohrenstr. 39
10117 Berlin, Germany

TetView is a small graphic program for viewing tetrahedral meshes and piecewise linear complexes. It is created sepcifically for viewing and analyzing the input and output files of TetGen. However, it has the general features for viewing geometry objects and triangular and tetrahedral meshes.

TetView is written in C++. It uses components from pdelib. More specifically, it uses OpenGL and an associated library gltools as the graphic kernel for efficiently rendering 3D objects; uses fltk for graphic user interface; furthermore, it encapsulates a compact scripting engine - Lua for running scripts.

Download. The executable version of TetView available for different OS can be downloaded below.

After downloading, take a few minutes to read the short tutorial to learn the basics of using TetView. You will need the example files for going through the tutorial.

Instructions for Using TetView

Hang Si