TetGen File Formats

Below is an overview of all file formats of TetGen.

.node input/output a list of nodes
.poly input a piecewise linear complex
.smesh input/output a simple piecewise linear complex
.ele input/output a list of tetrahedra
.face input/output a list of triangular faces
.edge output a list of boundary edges
.vol input a list of maximum volumes
.var input a list of variant constraints for facets/segments
.neigh output a list of neighbors

Click on each link to see the description of that file format. Here are some examples files which are very simple but good for illustration.

In addition, TetGen supports (reads and writes) the following public polyhedral file formats.

.off input/output Geomview's polyhedral file format
.ply input Polyhedral file format
.stl input Stereolithography format
.mesh input/output Medit's surface mesh file format

A graphic program, TetView, created specificially for viewing the input and output files of TetGen is also available. It has many features for viewing and analysing piecewise linear complexes and meshes. Furthermore, it outputs high quality frame dump of the screen images in encapsulated postscript format (.eps). The executable version is available for free.

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