Electrochemical Interfaces: Recent Topics and Open Questions

Sept. 30. - Oct. 02. 2014
Weierstrass-Institute Berlin

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scope Modern electrochemical applications in the context of renewable energies make a revision of the classical Nernst-Planck-Poisson models mandatory. The old models exhibit various shortcomings like missing or non-correct coupling to the balance equation for the momentum. This concerns the bulk regions as well as the interface between different electrochemical systems. For electrochemical interfaces, it has been shown that a coupling between thermo- and electrodynamics is able to reproduce measured properties of metal / electrolyte interfaces correctly. Consistent consideration of pressure and solvation leads to qualitative and quantitative agreement of capacity and cyclic voltammetry measurements.

With this interdisciplinary workshop, WIAS wants to provide a platform for discussion about the latest findings and open problems connected particularly with the modeling of electrochemical interfaces. Important topics are:
What can continuum models, analysis and simulations do for experimentalists and industry?
What are the demands for electrochemical interface modeling?
What are the relationships between different modeling approaches like atomistic models, continuum models, and homogenized models?
organizers Wolfgang Dreyer Jürgen Fuhrmann
local organizing committee
Clemens Guhlke Rüdiger Müller Manuel Landstorfer
contact Ina Hohn • Phone: +49 (0)30 20372 591 •

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