Workshop: Mathematical models for biological multi-scale systems Workshop: Mathematical models for biological multi-scale systems

September 12 to 14, 2022, at Weierstrass Institute Berlin


The workshop MathBio22 - Mathematical models for biological multiscale systems discusses and identifies mathematical methods that bridge the gap in scale and complexity between microscopic descriptions of biological and biophysical systems with corresponding PDE descriptions. The focus is on the multi-scale nature innate to biological processes connecting interacting biomolecules with complex systems such as cells, tissue, and organs to elucidate macroscopic phenomena, e.g.,

The corresponding model hierarchies require innovative and structure-preserving numerical methods, novel simulation techniques, and new analytical tools for the resulting nonlinear PDE systems. The latter concerns in particular questions of well-posedness, long-term behavior, qualitative properties of solutions, and coupling to microscopic, stochastic, or agent-based models. Variational and energy- or entropy-based methods are of particular interest.

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Alfonso Caiazzo
Matthias Liero
Dirk Peschka
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We gratefully acknowledge the funding by the Einstein Foundation Berlin and the Berlin Mathematics Research Cluster MATH+.