TetGen Command Line Switches

The command syntax is:

tetgen [-pq__a__AriYMS__T__dzjo_fengGOJBNEFICQVvh] input_file

Underscores indicate that numbers may optionally follow certain switches. Do not leave any space between a switch and its numeric parameter. ``input_file'' must be a file with extension .node, or extension .poly or .smesh or other supported file formats if the -p switch is used. If -r is used, you must supply .node and .ele files, and possibly a .face file, and a .vol file as well.

Below is an overview of all command line switches and a short description follows each switch. This information is also available by invoking TetGen without any switch and input file (i.e., type ``tetgen''). Here are some examples of using these switches.

-p Tetrahedralizes a picecwise linear complex (.poly or .smesh file).
-q Quality mesh generation. A minimum radius-edge ratio may be specifyed (default 2.0).
-a Applies a maximum tetrahedron volume constraint.
-A Assigns attributes to identify tetrahedra in certain regions.
-r Reconstructs/Refines a previously generated mesh.
-Y Suppresses boundary facets/segments splitting.
-i Inserts a list of additional points into mesh.
-M Does not merge coplanar facets.
-T Set a tolerance for coplanar test (default 1e-8).
-d Detect intersections of PLC facets.
-z Numbers all output items starting from zero.
-j Jettison unused vertices from output .node file
-o2 Generates second-order subparametric elements.
-f Outputs faces (including non-boundary faces) to .face file.
-e Outputs subsegments to .edge file.
-n Outputs tetrahedra neighbors to .neigh file.
-g Outputs mesh to .mesh file for viewing by Medit.
-G Outputs mesh to .msh file for viewing by Gid.
-O Outputs mesh to .off file for viewing by Geomview.
-B Suppresses output of boundary information.
-N Suppresses output of .node file.
-E Suppresses output of .ele file.
-F Suppresses output of .face file.
-I Suppresses mesh iteration numbers.
-C Checks the consistency of the final mesh.
-Q Quiet: No terminal output except errors.
-V Verbose: Detailed information on what I'm doing.
-v Prints the version information.
-h Help: A brief instruction for using TetGen.

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