Workshop on

Multiscale Problems in Quantum and Classical Mechanics, Averaging Techniques and Young Measures

Berlin, 19th - 21th September 2002

in the framework of the DFG Priority Program 1095
"Analysis, Modeling and Simulation of Multiscale Problems"


W. Dreyer (Berlin), H.-Chr. Kaiser (Berlin), Th. Koprucki (Berlin), and  A. Mielke (Stuttgart)

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Many-particle systems · Quantum classical coupling · Time averages and Young measures · Quantum hydrodynamics · Adiabatic and scaling limits · Semiconductor nanostructures · Electronic structure calculation · Surface nanostructures · Multiscale problems of the atomic chain · Evolution equations of Young measures · Wavelets · Adaptive refinements · Homogenization · Two-scale finite elements · Adapted basis sets

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