International workshop "Structured Nonparametric Modeling"
on the occasion of Enno Mammen's 60'th birthday

Enno Mammen

4 - 6 June 2015, Berlin


    The aim of the meeting is to bring together leading scientists working in the areas of mathematical statistics and econometrics for discussing the challenging problems and major directions of modern statistical science. Particular focus will be put on high dimensional models under certain structural assumptions like sparsity or approximate sparsity.
    The workshop will be also open to young scientists working in different fields of statistics and econometrics all over the world and particularly the students and young researchers working in Berlin in SFB 649, FOR 1735, and IRTG 1792, organizing the meeting. We expect a high training effect. Young scientists are free to offer a poster presentation, the meeting will give an opportunity of discussion with leading specialists in the fields of statistics and econometrics.

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