The workshop will take place at the Thon Hotel Høyers, which is close to the head office of EFD Induction.
  • Address: Kongensgate 6, 3717 Skien, Norway
For the accommodation of invited speakers and MIMESIS associates, the rooms have already been booked in the mentioned hotel.

All participants, who would like to stay in the same hotel, can profit from a limited offer (available until April 8).
Please contact us via to get more information.

Travelling to Skien

Skien is a city on the southern tip of Norway and the administrative centre of the region Telemark county. It is about 140 km south of Oslo.

Skien can be reached from either the local Airport (TORP Sandefjord Airport) or Oslo Airport.
The hotel is close to the train station. If travelling by bus, there is a bus stop right in front of the hotel.
This link gives directions from the Skien train station to the Hotel.

From the local airport TORP Sandefjord, Skien can be reached by a 45 minute bus/train ride.

  • Bus tickets can be booked online on this website. The ticket should be booked for a trip from ''Sandefjord lufthavn'' to ''Rådhusplassen (Skien)''. The bus stops right in front of the hotel.
  • Train tickets should be purchased here for a trip from ''Torp'' to ''Skien''.

  • From Oslo airport, there is a direct train which takes approximately 3 hours.

  • The tickets for the train ride can be booked on this website for a trip from ''Oslo lufthavn'' to ''Skien''. The train tickets can be bought at a reduced price (''minipris'' in norwegian) if purchased the day before travel.

Contact and further information

Phone: +49 30 20372-555